Thursday, October 6, 2011

Paris, Revisited and More!

My last post on Paris was very popular, and I have received quite a bit of mail in response.  One of the best letters I received included these mouthwatering pictures from the restaurant at Colette, The Water Bar.  Some of my favourite clients, Jock and Susan Wanamaker-Leas, took them when they were there this summer.  Doesn’t the risotto make you want to jump on a plane for Paris?

The risotto really is the showstopper.  I was thinking all day today how to make it, and I think we could approximate the risotto—rice, red peppers, little bits of truffles, a little pile of the thinnest strips of leek quickly fried crisp, and good chicken stock, but I’d definitely need the actual recipe for the roasted chicken.

In Paris, dogs are always welcomed to restaurants, and they sit under the tables and are very good indeed. This is another picture from my friends Jock and Susan.  This adorable French bulldog was also there at The Water Bar, quietly enjoying a meal out with his owners. He looks like quite the gentleman!

Another great email I received from my friend and fellow Garden Clubber, was from the uber talented Mary Pressly.  I had mentioned before that she is an eminence when it comes to floral design.  She wrote me sharing this beautiful pictures of her latest design and handiwork, so I wanted to share it with you.  Mary you have outdone yourself!


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  1. I personally have to say I find Ms Pressly's piece quite garish and vulgar, the black skirt is depressing me, and that growth which is supposedly hair looks like Jamaican dreadlocks.