Sunday, April 19, 2015


This year we found a new little company that specializes in unique blends of Iced Teas.

Each of their adorable tea caddies holds enough tea bags to brew 6 big pitchers of
iced tea.  The reason we were so enamored, as you will be, is not only because they
taste so good, but the blends are named after 6 different streets in Palm Beach !

What fabulous hostess presents they make, not to mention souvenirs of a visit to the tropical paradise that IS Palm Beach !  At $20.00 a tin, you can buy one for every friend you have and stock up your own northern pantry so you can evoke that Palm Beach vibe every time you get a bit melancholy for our palm tree-lined lanes and sandy shores.

We have lots of caddies in stock, so call or email the Boutique and have us ship you a few (dozen?).


Friday, April 17, 2015


Just the other day a customer came in the shop with her tiny little fluffy pup no bigger than a hamster. We are VERY pet-friendly here at Leta Austin Foster Boutique. In fact, we know the names of many of our clients' furry friends and love to have them visit.

Our love of all that is dog is very visible in the merchandise we choose for our shop. Our greeting card shelves always sport a selection of cute doggie pictures on cards for all occasions,

and our Stationery Department stocks boxed sets of Scottie, Lab and Poodle notecards by Dempsey and Carroll.

We sell a lot of adorable linen guest towels with embroidered Scotties and Jack Russels and are trying to get this vendor to embroider more breeds.

However, if he can't......we can always have our fabulous bed linen company, Baroni of Florence, embroider them for us. One of our favorite clients had these bed linens made by Baroni for her little boy's room. They picture his Labrador in silhouette all across the hem.

Dogs are also prominent in our children's department. We carry these beautiful, hand-knit sweaters from London that have Angora puppies on the pockets.

Hair clips from France are all lined up on a hanging ribbon . We sell so many of these Scotties and Poodles that I'm sure nearly every little girl (and some big ones) in America has a pair !

During our "Season" we had litters of stuffed puppies of every ilk, but now our lonely little friend is waiting for a loving child to adopt him.

Many dog breeds are available as Sterling Silver Belt Buckles . There are Labs, Poodles, Bischons, Scotties, Chihuahuas and many others. We sell them alone, or with a fine leather belt which can be ordered in several colors.

Dogs are even a favorite theme of Il Prato. They are a unique paper company in Venice that also produce desk accessories and frames covered in their wrapping papers. Our favorite designs are "UGO and BEPI" (the names of the owners' dogs) and "PAW PRINTS".

We even have a dog on our custom  "Resorts" china. Each plate has a different scene taken from a vintage book named "Resorts", and the dessert plates depict Mrs. Poop-de-doo being led from her chauffeur-driven car by her pampered pup !

When you finish choosing all your wonderful presents (for yourself) let us wrap them all up in this beautiful French woven ribbon guessed it....dogs !!

Stop on in with your favorite little canine.....we'll be waiting.....