Monday, November 30, 2015


And we hope they all came from The Boutique !! Think of all the wondrous things that might be in Santa Claus's sack, especially for a child.

Bo Bear in corduroy overalls and Toggle Coat $104.
Pajama and Robe Outfits $25.

Every day, we see the eyes of little ones light up as they peek through our windows and point to a wonderful doll or fanciful stuffed animal that sits on our shelves. Later that day, we frequently see their Mommy or Daddy sneak back into our shop to help Santa with his job and pick up the coveted toy.

Madame Alexander Princess $80.  Pajama Game $45.  Musical Bunny $56.
Mini Ballerina Bunnies $70.  Carriage $80.  Piggy $17.

We are honorary elves for Christmas and as such, we have tried to collect toys that cover a range of ages.....babies, toddlers and older children.

Mermaid & Pirate Rattles $18.50  Bunny in overalls $48.

Tops $24.

Kit for an aspiring botanist $74.

...and what is inside.

We have toys for active children....

Pull-along doggie $49.

Jump Ropes $20.

....and for those that prefer sedentary activities.

Pick-up Sticks $7. (remember these ?)

Music Boxes $9.

We have lots of bears (because we love them too) for those children that love to cuddle.

Daddy Bear $80.  Mummy Bear $80.

Mice and bunnies are tucked in to every corner and somehow (we think they come alive at night) they wind up in different poses all the time !

Brother mouse $22. Sister mouse in box bed $28.

Mini Bunny in Tutu and Fur Coat $70.

Ballerina bunnies $70.   Piggy $17.  Carriage $80. Medium dressed bunnies $78.

Baby mouse with pacifier in box bed $24.

Instill a love of books at an early age by picking up one of the storybooks that have an accompanying stuffed animal. The books are full of tactile pictures that children love.

Puppy $21.  Piggy $17.  Elephant $18.  Pony $21.  Books $12.50

We have found some adorable stuffed animals for that little "tough" guy in your life. No girly-looking French Poodle dolls for little Jack, although we do have them for his sister Katie.

Patches Puppy $62.

Whatever the age of your little ones, we will help you pick out some toys that are guaranteed to bring a smile to their faces on Christmas morning......even if they did not emerge from Santa's sack.  Shhhhhhh....don't tell !


To purchase any of these items, E-mail or call 561.655.7367.

Thursday, November 26, 2015


If you were wondering what to do the Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving, please mosey on over to our boutique. We are hosting 3 fabulous Trunk Shows on the same day!

Tracey Tooker will be here with her collection of hats. Some of you may remember when Tracey had a  millinery shop right here in Palm Beach. Now residing in New York, she has happily agreed to bring her great chapeaus to us.


Also on hand will be Sacred's collection of very beautiful and unique jewelry. You really will love these semi-precious stone and gold pieces.

Kate Pickett has returned with her letterpress and engraved writing papers and personalized home product samples. Great items to order for yourself or for Christmas presents.

Doors open at 10 and we will be here until 6.
64 Via Mizner, Palm Beach
Hope to see you all here !!


Wednesday, November 25, 2015


Custom Liberty rompers $237.

Every year starting in October, the Boutique is in metamorphosis. All the wonderful new lines that we have found (and in some cases, created) start to stream in. It is a bit like Christmas for us as we unbox, unwrap and unfurl our bounty.

Pink canvas sandal $89.  Yellow, pink-piped Mary Janes $154.

I would like to show you our newest additions in the children's garment line.
As you may or may not know, there are two types of clothing that we carry. Most of our lines are called "fashion lines". These are collections that are created by companies every season for shop owners to purchase. A full collection is presented in an au courant color palette and as the buyer, you may pick and choose which styles, colors and sizes you would like to order for your shop.

D. Porthault ever-popular voile dress $250.

Some of our favorite fashion lines include La Stupenderia, Marie Chantal, Marquise de Labourde, Mini La Mode, Baby CZ and Rachel Riley. Since these seasonal vendors ship new lines only twice a year, we try to stock a good supply that will last us for six months.
Some of our favorite new items from La Stupenderia include...

Adorable onesies with piqué collar and pockets $243. and pima collar $185.

Footie with its own bib $178.

Piqué shortall with flutter sleeves $128.

Pima cotton onesie with button-on linen skirt $196.

Piqué jumper over a Baroni embroidered blouse we had made to go with...
Jumper $144. Cherry Blouse $80.

Pima romper with matelassé bodice $129.

Mini La Mode is a favored line for ever-so-soft Pima cotton onesies with exquisite details. These go very fast, so plan ahead and think about buying a few for your present closet. You know that every single one of your friend's daughters is expecting, so make your life easy and have a couple of baby boy and baby girl presents wrapped and ready to go.

Baby boy footie with smocked sailboats $106.

Scalloped ruffle collar on pima onesie $106.

Most recently, we unpacked new stock of Marquise de Labourde's hand crocheted baby blankets. They come in pink, blue and cream and make wonderful presents. We can not seem to order enough ever since one was shown in a photo of newly born, blanket-wrapped Prince George.

Marquise crocheted blankets $140.

Also from the Marquise, these adorable Liberty of London frocks. The tiniest floral design and the softest cotton make these a wonderful choice.

Marquise de Labourde Liberty of London dress $45.

A special line of hair accessories from Maileg, our favorite Danish company that also makes the cutest toy mice and rabbits, is a must see.

clips $6.  hairbands $12.

The other type of children's clothing makes up our "custom" collections. These unique styles we create for you each year are ours alone. Currently, we have 3 clothing lines and 1 shoe line that will make our designs come to life.

We select the fabrication........

The style......

The trim......

The collar and cuff.......

The embroidery .......

And voila, a dress is born !!

Cherry dress $298.

In this same way we design our own sweaters.....

Custom cashmere sweaters $280.


Pèpè leather and suede shoes..sizes 18 to 24
Suede $188. Light blue $148. Red $198. Pink and Navy $144.

Nightgowns, robes and pajamas....

Hand-smocked nightgown $130. Shawl-collared Robe $180.
Red-piped pajamas $130.  Leather slippers $150.

and even bibs...

Baroni embroidered bibs $42.

I will keep you up-to-date as new creations arrive. Some of our lines will not arrive until January, so get ready to see more adorable, and ever-so-special children's fashions in the months ahead, and in the meantime, make some room in that present closet !!


Friday, November 13, 2015


Ok, I've filled you in on all the delicious treats that can plump up your Christmas stockings, but there are many non-edible goodies to stuff in there too !
First for the adults...
A superb all-round present and a must have in your daughter/mother/sister's stocking is a D. Porthault hankie. A must have in your evening bag for those oh-so-weepy moments at the Opera (no one wants to see you dabbing your eyes with an old tatted rag), is a beautiful floral-printed square.

Similarly, for work days on the go, please carry an adorable pack of tissues ensconced in a lovely little cover made from one of many design fabrics. This will keep your tissues neat, lint free and keep them from winding up all scrunched in the bottom of your purse.

For those that like to adorn their hair, we have an assortment of very smart barrettes from France.

And to brush that beautiful hair, a pocket-size brush from Mason Pearson, the same time-honored company that made our childhood hairbrushes.

Gardening enthusiasts will love these botanical notepads. They make everyday note-taking a pleasure.

Anyone with a passion for flowers and fruits, would certainly be happy to find a fragrant votive candle in Grapefruit, Sicilian Tangerine, or Gardenia tucked in the toe of their stocking. My stocking always had a tangerine and walnuts in the toe.....a tradition in our family, but not well appreciated by me. I much would have preferred one of these little gems.

Jotters are another great stocking stuffer. They are small enough to tuck in your purse, but large enough for a substantial note to oneself. Give us a few days and we can personalize with a monogram or name.

If you want to insure that you will actually receive a greeting from your son or daughter who is heading back to school after their holiday break, pop one of these note cards with envelopes into their stocking. You know that the dearth of thank you notes is a pet peeve of mine. Maybe a little hint like this will help !

Of course, a stylish writing implement would help would-be writers to pen a thoughtful note. We have a wonderful selection of Faber-Castel fountain, roller and ballpoint pens that would fit the bill.

Now for the children....

Yes, they will be inundated with fabulous presents from Santa, but little surprises in their stockings are a must on Christmas morning. These jump ropes in the shape of ice cream cones and flowers will make any little girl smile.

So, too these ever-popular kaleidoscopes from France will be gleefully received and keep someone occupied for hours (even if that someone is Grandfather).

We have little music boxes that play a lively tune when you turn the crank....

and an assortment of mini stuffed mice, bunnies, mermaids and pirates, all waiting for a new home with a loving child. Hopefully Santa is listening and will hurry in to fill his sack before it is too late.

Ho, Ho, Ho......