Thursday, December 31, 2015


FORAINS d'ORIENT collection

New this season at Leta Austin Foster Boutique is a wonderful little French company by the name of Au Bain Marie.  We were all mesmerized by their beautiful china and glassware, but they also produce whimsical tin plates, napkins, silver and pewter pieces and all sorts of fun entertainment accessories.

Collection Vieillard le Monde Renversé
One of 6 tin plate designs, The World in Reverse

Pewter shiny polish
Pewter salt & pepper sets and pick set

Paper napkin Nemo collection 40x40 cm
Paper Napkins $8. per pack
Their china pattern, Forains d'Orient ,that we are now stocking in the Boutique, is created by Herend (a company I have loved for years) especially for Au Bain Marie and available in the U.S.A. exclusively through our store. This design was inspired by a cup created by a Viennese porcelain supplier to the Austrian imperial court in the early 19th century. This collection is hand-painted and gilded with 22 carat gold.

FODO 1 serving plate of 28,8cm diameter
Forains d'Orient Serving Platter $706.

The etched glassware we chose to complement this China is made by Moser, the most prestigious producer of crystal and glassware to the Austrian-Hungarian monarchy since 1857. It is the mouth-blown, hand-cut and gilded (in 24 caret gold) ROYAL design which I think you'll agree, pairs perfectly with our new Herend china.

Crystal stemmed glass for the white wine 180ml. ROYAL collection
Moser Water Glass $180.    White Wine $158.

Still to come from this lovely company are colorfully wrapped thermos bottles. When they become available, we will be stocking these as well.

Thermos jug : silver metal, leather sheath, stainless

Au Bain Marie, which incidentally means a warming bath such as a double boiler in culinary terms, also is a spot to pick up a curiosity or an antique.  If you are in Paris, pop on in for a look see.....otherwise come on in to our shop to get a taste of their selections.

See you next year !


Monday, December 21, 2015


Parapluie, Bumbershoot, Parasol .....whatever your preferred moniker, is an Umbrella by any other name. I am a fan of good protection from the rain and the sun, and we get a lot of both here in Southern Florida.

As for the sunlight....a little is healthy, but a lot....quelle horreur !

Umbrellas are employed as sun shades for beach goers, golfers and baby strollers. They come in all sizes from pocket-size to beach size. They come as sticks, pop-outs, cane-handled and carved. Their canopies can be solid, striped or patterned.

We all know that rain is great for our landscape, but not so much for our freshly coiffed hairdo. Of course we all know that to carry your umbrella is to ward off the God of rain. However, during our rainy season, even that will not avert the torrents.

Woman in Rainstorm with Umbrella

Every year, our Boutique stocks several styles of umbrellas for those unfortunate shoppers caught in a downpour. Of course, we would rather they stay and shop until the storm is over, but in any case, we do have some stylish options for those that must take leave.

Bernard Maisner makes beautiful silk-screened covers on curved, wooden-handled sticks. The canopy pops out with the push of a button (a real treat when you are fumbling with purse, keys and packages). We have his "Love" design on Cabernet and "Let it Rain" design on mauve in stock.

Sportier in style, and new this year, are the adorable animal-silhouette umbrellas. They come in an array of colors with contrasting silhouettes of many dog breeds, cats, horses and several wild animals.

Silhouette umbrellas also come with an easy-open push button.

We also have a bucket full of kids styles from one of our favorite French companies, Vilac. No matter how many we order each year, we can never have enough. There are pink cats, Nemo-looking fish, dogs and frogs to name a few. What a great little present for the puddle jumper in your life.

So next time you stop in, grab a Parapluie, a Bumbershoot, a Umbrella, and protect yourself from the they rain drops or the sun's rays.


Sunday, December 13, 2015


Andy Spade & Anthony Sperduti

A wonderful new shop has opened on Sacramento Street in San Francisco. Those of you that are lucky enough to live near by will be in for a treat.

Perusing shops in the Grand Bazaar

Founder and CEO, Christina Bryant, has found a real niche in the world of home decor. Her mission is to bring beautiful, home luxuries and handmade products from around the world to those who appreciate authentic art while preserving traditional crafts of our global community.
A world traveler herself, Christina loves to scour the city markets as well as the rural villages in search of vintage textiles, one-of-a-kind curiosities and artisans that are still practicing their native crafts.


Framed textiles were St. Frank's initial foray into the collection of soft art, but they now offer vintage Kilim rugs from Turkey, Sheepskins from New Zealand and Zebra hides from South Africa.

The interior of the new luxury home-decor boutique St. Frank on Sacramento Street in S.F. Photo: Nathaniel Y. Downes, The Chronicle

The shop itself is set up like a home. Since they focus on entertaining, it was decided to have the bar area in the front of the store. As you wend your way through the different rooms and vignettes, you'll find great home accessories, furniture and knick knacks as well as the famed textile collection.

St. Frank


This charmingly eclectic store is a delight to the senses and an education all in one. Do yourself a favor and include a stop and see on your next trip to San Francisco !



Sunday, December 6, 2015


Fairfield Coffee Table in Fawn Brindle

I recently had this wonderful little company make me several custom side tables for a design job. One thing I loved about this company was their ability to customize. The second, and very important thing I loved about them, is that they make everything right here in the U.S.A.!!

Fairfield Coffee Table with Natural Raffia inset

The case goods are made of the finest hardwoods which have been enrobed in rich, high gloss paints to create sleek modern silhouettes that look at home when combined with many other styles of furniture.

Color options for wooden products

Once you decide on the style table you would like, there are 16 different colors to choose from. Oomph will also customize a color for you if none of their standards will do.

Southport Table in Knockout Orange

Hobe Sound Side Table with Shelf in Parakeet

Tini II Z Table in Fireworks

In addition, if you would like a fabric insert such as the China Sea's "Zig Zag" design above, they will insert one on your tabletop with a clear sealant protectant.  Once again, you can fully customize by sending them your own fabric for this procedure.

Surface options for inset

There are also textured surfaces that can be added to their products. I elected to add several of these surfaces to trays (which I ordered in several colors for my shop). These trays make wonderful catch-alls for candles, drinks and coffee-table books when placed atop an ottoman. They would also make fabulous bars.
I chose their rectangular serving tray, but they make a square one as well.

Edgartown Rectangular Tray in Parakeet

Should you be interested in sconces or hanging lanterns, never fear, they offer several styles of candle-lit or electrified lights. Choose a color and you are set !

Hobe Sound Electrified Lantern

I was delighted to see that Oomph also makes Backgammon tables. This game is still as popular as ever, so why not devote a corner of your library to this delightful pastime. I've decided to order just the backgammon board without the table support for the Boutique since we've had so many requests (I'd rather have the full table, but there is not one more open spot in our already "cozy" store). We are still waiting for delivery as we chose a custom color......very dark (almost black) green. Don't forget, we can order one for you in any color.

Backgammon Table in Peale Green

If you would like to see more styles of tables, chairs, gaming tables and lighting fixtures, please contact our shop for pictures and details. Let us put a little Oomph in your life.



Monday, November 30, 2015


And we hope they all came from The Boutique !! Think of all the wondrous things that might be in Santa Claus's sack, especially for a child.

Bo Bear in corduroy overalls and Toggle Coat $104.
Pajama and Robe Outfits $25.

Every day, we see the eyes of little ones light up as they peek through our windows and point to a wonderful doll or fanciful stuffed animal that sits on our shelves. Later that day, we frequently see their Mommy or Daddy sneak back into our shop to help Santa with his job and pick up the coveted toy.

Madame Alexander Princess $80.  Pajama Game $45.  Musical Bunny $56.
Mini Ballerina Bunnies $70.  Carriage $80.  Piggy $17.

We are honorary elves for Christmas and as such, we have tried to collect toys that cover a range of ages.....babies, toddlers and older children.

Mermaid & Pirate Rattles $18.50  Bunny in overalls $48.

Tops $24.

Kit for an aspiring botanist $74.

...and what is inside.

We have toys for active children....

Pull-along doggie $49.

Jump Ropes $20.

....and for those that prefer sedentary activities.

Pick-up Sticks $7. (remember these ?)

Music Boxes $9.

We have lots of bears (because we love them too) for those children that love to cuddle.

Daddy Bear $80.  Mummy Bear $80.

Mice and bunnies are tucked in to every corner and somehow (we think they come alive at night) they wind up in different poses all the time !

Brother mouse $22. Sister mouse in box bed $28.

Mini Bunny in Tutu and Fur Coat $70.

Ballerina bunnies $70.   Piggy $17.  Carriage $80. Medium dressed bunnies $78.

Baby mouse with pacifier in box bed $24.

Instill a love of books at an early age by picking up one of the storybooks that have an accompanying stuffed animal. The books are full of tactile pictures that children love.

Puppy $21.  Piggy $17.  Elephant $18.  Pony $21.  Books $12.50

We have found some adorable stuffed animals for that little "tough" guy in your life. No girly-looking French Poodle dolls for little Jack, although we do have them for his sister Katie.

Patches Puppy $62.

Whatever the age of your little ones, we will help you pick out some toys that are guaranteed to bring a smile to their faces on Christmas morning......even if they did not emerge from Santa's sack.  Shhhhhhh....don't tell !


To purchase any of these items, E-mail or call 561.655.7367.

Thursday, November 26, 2015


If you were wondering what to do the Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving, please mosey on over to our boutique. We are hosting 3 fabulous Trunk Shows on the same day!

Tracey Tooker will be here with her collection of hats. Some of you may remember when Tracey had a  millinery shop right here in Palm Beach. Now residing in New York, she has happily agreed to bring her great chapeaus to us.


Also on hand will be Sacred's collection of very beautiful and unique jewelry. You really will love these semi-precious stone and gold pieces.

Kate Pickett has returned with her letterpress and engraved writing papers and personalized home product samples. Great items to order for yourself or for Christmas presents.

Doors open at 10 and we will be here until 6.
64 Via Mizner, Palm Beach
Hope to see you all here !!