Sunday, August 21, 2016


You may have purchased one of Diptyque's wonderful candles at our Boutique and because of their popularity, we have recently expanded the line. 

Standard Candles $62.

Diptyque of Paris, a shop on boulevard Saint-Germain, was brought to life in 1961 by three friends , an Interior Designer, a Painter and a Set Designer. They were already involved in fabric and furniture design for Liberty and Sanderson so it was natural for them to take the next step and open their own boutique.

Outdoor candles (51.3 oz) $290.

At first they sold soft goods, furniture and other assorted interesting and unique items collected from their travels. It became the place to go for special items formerly not found in Paris. One of these unique items was English perfumes, which became so popular that the owners decided to create a range of scents of their own.

Interior Scent $65.

In 1963 they launched a small candle line that would expand to the many popular fragrance choices that they offer today.

Softening Hand Wash $38.

The three proprietors were all in agreement that their line would pay tribute to the smells of nature. Each newly added fragrance would be a flower, a grass, a fruit, the smell of earth, water, smoke......

Revitalizing Shower Gel $38.00

Their idea was to infuse your home with the ever-changing scents of nature according to the season so that your environment  evokes the essence of that time of year. There are fruits and flowers of summer and spring, fall leaves and loamy ground scents and spicy, smoky winter aromas. 

Pomegranate Body Polish $70.

In 1968, Diptyque introduced their first eau de toilette, "L'Eau", which was meant to capture the essence of pomanders. Since then, they have added numerous scents to their personal fragrance line which is created for both men and women.

Floral Water Hand Lotion $42.

Over the years that followed, other body care items were added to the collection. All of them created with natural ingredients and body soothing formulas. Baume Genereux is a hand balm you will keep in your purse because it is that addictive.

Hand Balm $35.

These products were created to work together to give your skin a youthful, energized appearance and most importantly a smooth and luxurious feel. Let's face it, we all need a little help in this area to combat the effects of the elements on our skin. Creme Riche is the perfect antidote with moisturizing rose water for dry, sensitive skin.

Rich Butter for the Body $90.

We have the full collection of skin care products here at the Boutique with samples for you to try. You will fall in love with them all as we did. Lait Frais cream, for example, is infused with Orange Blossom to soften and moisturize your body.

Orange Blossom Cream $60.

Along with the fabulous bath and body line and the ever-popular candle assortment, Diptyque gives us some accessories to help us enjoy their products. 
- A candle stand to keep the heat of the burning candle from marring your furniture. 
- A candle lid to keep the candle's surface free from detritis. 
- A candle snuffer to extinguish the candle's flame.
- A wick trimmer to keep the wick short and eliminate soot from dirtying the candle's surface.
By the way, these all make terrific presents with or without an accompanying candle.

Black candle stand $22.

Black candle lid $22.

A relatively new product for Diptyque is their version of a room diffuser. Instead of reeds to soak up the fragrant liquid, they have a barbell shaped bottle. The liquid slowly drips from one bottle to the other and the essence wafts through a screen between the two.

Diffuser $150.

Skin and hair oils have long been popular in France, and now's your chance to find out why. The Huiles Precieuses is a blend of Iris, Sweet Almond, Argan and Macadamia Oils. Sounds good enought to eat, but please don't ! This oil is meant to soak into your skin and may be used directly or added to your bath water.

Precious Oils $78.

The other oil, Voile Satin, is what they call a dry oil. It can be applied to the skin or the hair to add smoothness, luster and shine.

Satin Oil $60.

Another superb idea that comes form the creative minds of Diptyque is the blending of fragrance. In nature, there is rarely an aroma that is purely one scent, therefore the idea is to combine smells that compliment and enhance each other to create a layered bouquet. The company has prepackaged a few of these recommended combinations such as Baies (berries), Figuier (fig) and Roses. Burning these in unison will create a complex and sophisticated blend.

Set of mini candles $90.

Stop by for a sniff and please, do try our cream and oil samples. This has been a long, hot summer and your skin and your hair will thank you for some pampering.

Fragrantly yours......


Monday, August 8, 2016


Another blistering week in most of the country and definitely in Palm Beach. Maybe a peek at these cool blues will help.....Custom-designed French tole wastebasket with Palm Beach sandal motif, D. Porthault Jete de Fleur sheets peeking out next to a blue top sheet with one of our most sought-after monograms with seeded middle initial. Also shown, Nouez moi Coquillage linens and blanket cover from France and Starfish embroidered sheets, designed right here at LAF and embroidered for us by Baroni of Florence.

Always a best seller (in spite of smart phones) are our leather jotters. Have your jotter notes personalized with your name, monogram, address (or whatever) in a color to match. Jotters are $38.

What a beautiful monogram!  This crest displays the first initials of both husband and wife as well as the initial of their last name. At the top is the date their house was built. This was embroidered on a large decorative pillow that proudly sits upon their sofa.

Perfect pair of linen guest towels from France that would be just right in a south Florida powder room. Also comes in blue and can be customized in any thread colors you would like.

I just had to show you a close-up photo of a gorgeous monogram we had embroidered on a client's linen duvet cover. The monogram was quite large (about 12") and with all the special stitch work used, it really looked like hand embroidery.

For more postings, check out our Instagram account under "LETA AUSTIN FOSTER".
Please email Betty with any questions about the merchandise shown.


I thought you would like to see some posts from Leta's recent trip to Newport and Southampton.

Leta made a detour to The Gilbert Stuart Museum, Water Mill and Snuff Mill on her way to Newport for a book signing and lecture.

Last leg of the journey to Newport and a view of the New London Lighthouse.

Tips, tales and trade secrets shared by Leta at Jessica Hagen Fine Art on Bridge Street in Newport. A fun time was had by all.

Leta went to a great trunk show hosted by Hilary Dick of Asha by ADM's beautiful jewelry while in Newport. We look forward to carrying this bespoke jewelry line in the Boutique this season.

And back at the boutique....
Flamingo wrapping paper is brand new from Midori. It sells by the sheet just as Cherries, Eiffel Tower, and Lips do. This is hand-printed on recycled paper and is sturdy enough to be used to cover a hat box. Monogrammed gingham and Zebra print papers must be ordered by the roll. You may change the colors and of course, the monogram. Order early for Christmas presents !

Till next time.....



If you know me at all, you know I love to read. A few times a year, the Boutique receives catalogs from several book publishers and I just relish looking through them and selecting books to order for the store. I choose books that I would love to receive as a present and I'm hoping you agree that I've chosen wisely.

The first 14 books shown here are ones that are currently in stock at the Boutique. Call us or email us for a copy to be shipped to you. Ask for gift wrap if it is for a friend. Now, for a little synopsis of each....

This is an insider's tour of 5 of Palm Beach Island's magnificent homes and gardens. Get a peek of world-class design with a tropical flair.

An homage to the world renowned company Farrow and Ball and the many homes that their luxurious wallpaper and paint adorn. Many homes by Leta Austin Foster and Associates are featured.


Biologist for the National Audubon Society and conservation photographer, Mac Stone takes you on a visual journey through the Florida everglades and its inhabitants, both flora and fauna. Stunning photography and interesting'll definitely want one for yourself and one to give.

This oh-so-Southern party giving primer is a must have for anyone who wants some inspiration and easy to follow direction on throwing a fun and successful party. It covers everything from sending the invitations, setting the table, selecting the correct flowers and even wonderful recipes.

If you are at a loss when it comes to setting a beautiful table, then this book is for you. DeJuan Stroud, wedding and event planner, shows you how to make your table presentation anything but boring. This book displays 17 different themed celebrations and the floral and tabletop designs that will inspire you to create your own......or just copy his (I won't tell).

Can't make it to Harry's Bar in Venice this year ? Well, its proprietor, Arrigo Cipriani brings you tips and recipes from Harry's menu to you. They are all simple and delicious recipes that are easy to follow and the photographs of each dish make your mouth water.

Flamboyant maven of decorating, Rose Cumming was one of the founding "mothers" of Interior Design.  Her New York based antique store and design shop was frequented by the most interesting cast of characters from the Duke and Duchess of Windsor to Andy Warhol. Take a look at her daring and always wonderfully unique creations. 

This is a must have for  Newport enthusiasts. Bettie takes us along on a visual tour of this wonderful city by the sea. Old traditions and new are played out midst stunning architecture and well-cared for lawns. Newport's Yachting parties, famous Jazz Festival, and their annual Flower Show are all wonderful to behold , even if it is only through a camera's lens.  If you haven't visited this town yourself, this book is the next best thing.

Comfort food made easy by restaurateur and Southern son, Alex Hitz. One thing I will tell you, if you are on a diet, do not buy this book. The recipes are scrumptious and the directions simple to follow. Lots of tips to help your entertaining be special yet relatively effortless.

As the name implies, this book is a history of fine household linens, their construction, their care and restoration and the art involved in their creation. Of course, linens are my passion so this book is extremely interesting to me. The author describes the actual process behind the manufacture of natural textiles like cotton, linen and silk.  His archival photographs of exquisite European and American embroidery techniques and designs are a treat for any lover of fine linens.

A fabulous look at the best-known New Yorkers through captioned photographs. Fun and entertaining, you just never know who you may see on the next page !! Great addition to any coffee table. 

This book is Interior Designer Holly Holden's answer to her daughter's question, "Mummy, how do I decorate my first house?" It is a primer for all novice decorators on the basics of form and function, what's worth collecting, how pieces work together and how to pull together a well-appointed room. 

This is a book filled with legendary designer, Mario Buatta's traditional interiors. While his interiors are known for their cheerful and comforting feel, their is always a nod to the whimsical in this fabled man's decor.

Speaking of traditional, I so loved seeing a compendium of some of my favorite creations. The book is broken down by design elements so you can see step-by-step, exactly what goes into the production of a completed design project. I was please that the author, Brian Coleman and his fabulous photographer, Erik Kvalsvik concentrated (as I do) on all the small details of my work. 

These next seven books are on order and due in the shop over the next few months. 

Celebrated interior designer, Charlotte Moss shares how her garden gives her inspiration for elements of her decorating and entertaining. Due in shop in September. 

Need I say more ? A glimpse into the life of Coco Chanel. Who would not be interested in this book ? (OK, maybe not your father or husband, but everyone else !)  Chanel, the epitomy of glamour, style and fortitude and the ultimate success story.

Inspiration and advise from interior designer, Mark Sikes whose Californian indoor/outdoor living style translates well to many venues. Mark got his start in the fashion industry and it is evident in his use of textiles and tailoring. Also due in shop in September.

100 Lessons from America's finest designers on the art of decoration. So informative and really interesting insight into the process of designing a home from "soup to nuts" !
Due in shop in October.

Yum, another cookbook from our favorite gourmet, Ina Garten. In this book, she has gathered all the favorite dishes that her husband, Jeffrey, loves and requests time and again. Easy to follow and replicate recipes that will have your family asking for seconds. Due in shop in October.

Learn about the holiday estate in the south of France of famed fashion icon, Christian Dior. The lavish landscapes and abundance of flowers provided ample inspiration for Dior's prints and fragrances. Rare photographs, archival documents and watercolors are presented along with a rich history of the Dior estate and the beautiful Provencal countryside.  Due in shop in October.

Private Gardens takes you to lavish gardens... by the sea, in the country and in the heart of the city that were created by well renowned landscape architect, Jean Mus. Gardens from the South of France, Greece and Portugal provide you with a plethora of inspiration. Beautiful photographs and technical advise from Mus make this a must have for the avid gardener. Due in shop in October.

There are so many more to come. As we sell out of the titles in stock, we will be replacing with new and fabulous ones throughout the season. So many wonderful reads to look forward to !!


Tuesday, July 26, 2016


Prince George is the perfect little model in his Cienta T-strap sneakers from Spain. These have been a staple at Leta Austin Foster Boutique for at least 10 years. The company has a velcro-closing version that they stock in the U.S., but we opted to custom order the traditional buckle closure ones because they are so much cuter. There is a snap underneath the adjustable buckle that you can't see which makes them super easy to close, but let's keep it a secret.

We carry light pink, orange, white, red and navy blue in stock. Since we just got our bi-yearly delivery, we have sizes 18-26 in stock in all colors. Please hurry if you want us to mail you a pair or two because they literally fly out the door !  OK, figuratively fly out the door. Price $38.

These adorable little leather sandals from Rachel Riley are made in Rachel's own shoe factory in the Loire Valley. Stock is good, but they can also be ordered should we be out of the size you require. They are only made in baby sizes 16-21. The Gold and Hot Pink I just filled in and we have every size. White is on hand in every size but 17 and I only have an 18 and 20 in the orange. Price $132.

These adorable white leather sandals with navy bows are almost sold out. We have two sizes left for bigger girls, size 29 and 32. Price $150. The pink suede on the left are available in sizes 23,24, 26, 28, 29 and 30. Price $168.  The pink leather with scallop edges are available in sizes 25,29 and 30. Price $172.

Pepe Softy shoes are stocked in pink, white and navy leather. These are our ever-popular summer sandal and all year shoe for Florida. They are the shoes we wore when we were little. Still a great shoe, they provide support for little feet while looking absolutely adorable! Both the pink and the white are in stock in all sizes 18-25. The navy blue we have in 18,19,21,22,25. Price $144.

We are almost out of the green leather flower sandal. All that remains are sizes 32 and 34, so hurry if you want them.  Price $136.

The little leather closed-toe sandals come in white and pink and are priced at $124. The white ones I have in 20, 22, 23 and the pink in all sizes from 17 to 23.

One of my personal favorites, the sky-blue leather T-strap sandal sells for $148. and is on hand in all sizes from 18-23.

Are these candy pink canvas sandals with the daffodil yellow trim not the cutest things you've ever seen. You should see how cute they look on chubby little baby feet. We only have 2 left, a 20 and a 21. Price $89.

This white leather sandal with the glittery star is appropriately called Stella. Stella is available in all sizes from 20 to 26, with the exception of 23. Price $145.

Especially for the boys (although girls love them too) are the navy leather "Dash" ($98.) available in sizes 19,20,22, and the Green "Clipper" ($156.) .......last pair, size 23.

But, of course, we carry the iconic Palm Beach Sandals. All the colors below are stocked in sizes from 8 to 4 (except the all turquoise one, which is a size 4 and the Multi on white one, which is a size 11). Price $80.  In addition, we can order these classic PB sandals in a multitude of colors and, in fact, you can pick out the color combinations yourself from a large wheel of leather samples. So much fun!

Give us a call or e-mail us for your choice of sandals and we will pop them in the post to Nantucket, Watch Hill, Southampton or wherever your summer cottage is located. They will be the perfect punctuation to those adorable summer frocks your little one will be wearing.

561.655.7367 phone