Friday, November 13, 2015


Ok, I've filled you in on all the delicious treats that can plump up your Christmas stockings, but there are many non-edible goodies to stuff in there too !
First for the adults...
A superb all-round present and a must have in your daughter/mother/sister's stocking is a D. Porthault hankie. A must have in your evening bag for those oh-so-weepy moments at the Opera (no one wants to see you dabbing your eyes with an old tatted rag), is a beautiful floral-printed square.

Similarly, for work days on the go, please carry an adorable pack of tissues ensconced in a lovely little cover made from one of many design fabrics. This will keep your tissues neat, lint free and keep them from winding up all scrunched in the bottom of your purse.

For those that like to adorn their hair, we have an assortment of very smart barrettes from France.

And to brush that beautiful hair, a pocket-size brush from Mason Pearson, the same time-honored company that made our childhood hairbrushes.

Gardening enthusiasts will love these botanical notepads. They make everyday note-taking a pleasure.

Anyone with a passion for flowers and fruits, would certainly be happy to find a fragrant votive candle in Grapefruit, Sicilian Tangerine, or Gardenia tucked in the toe of their stocking. My stocking always had a tangerine and walnuts in the toe.....a tradition in our family, but not well appreciated by me. I much would have preferred one of these little gems.

Jotters are another great stocking stuffer. They are small enough to tuck in your purse, but large enough for a substantial note to oneself. Give us a few days and we can personalize with a monogram or name.

If you want to insure that you will actually receive a greeting from your son or daughter who is heading back to school after their holiday break, pop one of these note cards with envelopes into their stocking. You know that the dearth of thank you notes is a pet peeve of mine. Maybe a little hint like this will help !

Of course, a stylish writing implement would help would-be writers to pen a thoughtful note. We have a wonderful selection of Faber-Castel fountain, roller and ballpoint pens that would fit the bill.

Now for the children....

Yes, they will be inundated with fabulous presents from Santa, but little surprises in their stockings are a must on Christmas morning. These jump ropes in the shape of ice cream cones and flowers will make any little girl smile.

So, too these ever-popular kaleidoscopes from France will be gleefully received and keep someone occupied for hours (even if that someone is Grandfather).

We have little music boxes that play a lively tune when you turn the crank....

and an assortment of mini stuffed mice, bunnies, mermaids and pirates, all waiting for a new home with a loving child. Hopefully Santa is listening and will hurry in to fill his sack before it is too late.

Ho, Ho, Ho......

Sunday, November 8, 2015


I am well aware that it is only the beginning of November, but Christmas comes early to the Land of Retail. Our shelves are full of delights for the holiday and we wanted to show you what is new.
Crackers and Surprise Balls are both very fast sellers for us. I would like to advise you to call or email your orders as soon as possible so you will not be disappointed.
Our Thanksgiving crackers sold out in less than two weeks and we had many sad Pilgrims that waited too long to call. We have stocked a few more Turkey Surprise Balls, so if you missed out on the crackers, please call to reserve these

The Christmas selection is much larger than the Thanksgiving one, but will disappear very quickly. We have adorable crackers in several styles....

Nutcracker Theme

Pom Pom Crackers

Santa and Reindeer Crackers

and Zebra crackers.....which also would work for New Year's Eve !

Deluxe Santa Surprise Balls abound, but this year, we also ordered adorable 3-part Snowmen,

Mini Surprise Balls,

and Mini Surprise Cones.

You will love our hard candies for stuffing in a stocking or two, or for topping-up your silver candy dish. We have gone nostalgic with big, thick candy canes,

Ribbon candy,

Picture candy,

And the ever-popular lollies in traditional red and white or Palm Beach pink and green. All our hard candies are made by Hammond and spun right here in the U.S., and they are GOOD. I sampled one (of each).....don't tell !

Our chocolate selection includes Milk Chocolate Christmas Trees, little boxes of Nunu's fabulous sea-salt caramels (we stock 3 box sizes for Nunu addicts), Chocolate Dinosaur Eggs which open to reveal mini chocolate dinosaurs, and chocolate cigars, perfect for your favorite guy's stocking !

For the savory lover, Cheese Straws (of course) with a bite.

You know you have to add an Alligator cookie to those stockings.  They are especially made for The Boutique by Eleni's of New York.

Don't forget to pick up some Christmas wrap, ribbons and tags while you are here. We have single sheets featuring dog breeds and a Parisian Joyeux Noel theme from Cavalini and a variety of unique, Christmas design rolls to choose from.

For all those gifts that won't fit in a Christmas stocking, please consider a Reindeer bag with a Candy Cane gift tag. 

When you sit down to dine, how festive would it be to have a Santa or reindeer place card at each setting?

One more suggestion.....for the person on your list that has EVERYTHING.... why not present them with a beautiful glass ornament from Italy. We have found the most beautiful and different ornaments that include flamingos, whales, dancing pigs and elephants. There is also a pirate parrot, Dorothy from the Wizard of well as the Wicked Witch on her broom.

Fly on over soon before you miss out on all the goodies to plump up your stockings "hung by the chimney with care"......


Wednesday, October 28, 2015


One day, a million years ago, I discovered a fabulous line of lavender sachets created by a lovely French woman, Estelle Billot. We continue to purchase her colorful Dupioni silk sachets, her stacked linen sachets and her baby rattles and "Baby Sleeping" pillows for the Boutique every year. This year, however, she has added a few new items that we just could not ignore.

These rosebud-printed cotton shoe sachets are perfect for every shoe in your closet. I am a big fan of treating yourself as well as you would a guest. While anyone would love to receive a few pair of French lavender shoe sachets as a present, can you think of a more deserving recipient than yourself ?

Another new offering from Estelle is a single silk sachet with a delicate flower topper.  So simple and yet so grand. These are the perfect size to add to a Christmas stocking, toss in a lingerie drawer or keep in your car for an everlasting aroma of lavender...... just a whiff is like an instant trip to Provence.
Two item that continue to be very popular for baby presents are the baby's sleeping pillow to hang on the doorknob to baby's room and the moon rattle. On each linen item is printed a sweet French saying....

Estelle Billot's little sachets remain some of the best things to give for those who treasure simple and unique presents inspired by her French heritage.


Tuesday, October 20, 2015


We have carried the wonderful painted frames of Catherine Kulesh for a very long time. This artistic painter has created so many unique designs over the years that, at this point, her collection has something for everyone....florals, modern stripes and zebra patterns, cute animal designs and nursery prints.

For an extra fee you can have her inscribe your name, monogram or date on the frame as well. These personalized frames are a favorite present for new babies, weddings and anniversaries.

Anyone recognize this cutie pie ? Yes, the frame says LETA, but it is not me nor my granddaughter Leta in the photo. See if you can guess !

Just recently, we received our new order for the season and Catherine's current collection does not disappoint !

There is still time (although not a lot) to order a personalized one for Christmas or Hanukkah. Give us a jingle at the store....561.655.7367....and we will be happy to help you design one for that special person.


Friday, October 9, 2015


The long-awaited "Traditional Interiors" by Brian D. Coleman is in stock in my Boutique. I couldn't be more please at the wonderful photographs and the brilliant text which show some of my favorite interiors in the most charming light.

Please come pick up your book today and I will be happy to sign a copy for you !
Don't forget to remind your friends that I will be speaking at the Four Arts in November and will be available for book-signing there as well.

Hope to see you there.....