Monday, June 17, 2013

My Best Professional Assets: My Daughters


I am always writing about great decorators and great decorative eyes, and suddenly, today, probably because I am getting ready for a trunk show at Locust Valley Design Shops this coming up weekend (Friday and Saturday, the 20 and 2lst of June) where Sallie has a “shop within the shop,” I began thinking, “Why in the world don’t I write about my own daughters?”  After all, they are immensely talented and hard-working.  So today, I am starting on a series which I will sneak in every so often—I don’t want you to get tired of us.

Due to the trunk show, which I hope so many of you will come to, I am starting with my middle daughter, Sallie Giordano.  Sallie is head of our New York office, and she has, in addition to working with me, her own clients who love her and are extremely loyal to her, coming back to her time and again on projects.  She works with two wonderful people, Mansi Singhi and Alexandra Wernink, and they have created some spectacular spots.

I think this room is just masterful.  Sallie used the soft palette of light, almost neutral colours, embellishing that with a judicious use of embroidery and formal curtain styles in modern fabrics with the dark handsomeness of the antiques.  This room keeps coming up on Pinterest, so lots of people respond to it.

Another room that keeps getting “pinned” is this handsome Living Room (above) with its beautiful combinations of paint colours on the walls—those wonderful blue rectangles!

A constant play between the old and the new—the traditional shapes of the great black tables with their white lamps and the introduction of the “modern” in the Plexiglas table is definitely a trademark of Sallie, as seen in the picture above, as is the pared-down aesthetic, shown below.

But Sallie also loves the pure traditional as is evident in this lovely little guest room all ready for someone to come in and cozy up…

As much as she loves the more modern

Photo Credit: Karyn Millet

She can be pale-y neutral

Photo by: Karyn Millet

Or jumping with colour

Photo Credit: Karyn Millet

Sadly, like so many of my clients, her jobs do not allow her to publish pictures of them.  Thus, usually, the pictures of her work in magazines are of her own homes.

Now that you have seen a small sample of Sallie's immense talent, do yourself a favour—come over to the Locust Valley Design Shop (96 Forest Street, Locust Valley, New York) this Friday and Saturday and see the trunk show she is putting on—lots of linens from our boutique in Palm Beach and her own wonderful furniture and bibelots—all for sale.



  1. Just beautiful. I love her selection of fabrics and window treatments.