Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Noel in Paris and Entertaining This Fall

Before I open this post, I want to explain our website.  Our website is actually just for our design business, and is open to view to everyone.  At one time, we had our boutique on it too, but we found that having our things on-line, so many of which were highly customized, just didn’t work.  People didn’t seem to understand how to choose what they wanted, since they first had to choose the base, say a set of linen sheets, then choose the colour—so far, still easy, then, if applicable, the monogram and then the colours of the threads.  Since these monograms were often part of an embroidered design, it was just too much.  The same went for having a custom waste basket made with its shape and colours and décor, etc., etc., etc.  And the same for china or glasswear and even children’s clothing and shoes or so many of the things we carry.  We found that it was best to give our store manager’s e-mail (betty@lafinpb.com) and let the people write her with a request.  Then she sends back photographs of what’s in basic stock and tells them how anything can be changed.  Because, that’s what we do.  Whether it’s for your yacht or your child, your house or your husband, if you can think it up, we can probably make it.  Do try us out.  These blog posts are to give you some of those ideas, but they can be changed as much as you can imagine.  Do let us try, and remember, custom goods take time.  Now, back to business……

Noel –the most beautiful linens from Paris.

Noel is its own thing—if you have been wandering around the 16th arrondisement, you have probably passed Noel—and gaped in delighted wonder into their windows.

Inside this Treasure Trove of beautiful things, you will find amazingly lovely table linens such as these cocktail napkins or tablecloth (or napkins or mats) with dragonflies.

Or butterflies

We have lots and lots of Noel in the boutique at 64 Via Mizner (or remember, betty@lafinpb.com), some in stock and some to be custom-ordered in your own colours.  And if you plan ahead, you can have beautiful place cards with dear little Lucite holders, in equally beautiful designs from Bernard Maisner, that beloved stationer of New York Society (we carry them too!), with designs to blend with your linens.  Why not, since they are hand painted?

If you wanted to be very, very almanac de gotha, you could have both the linens and the place cards done up specially for you in all white, or you could rival the king (are there many left?) and have the linens embroidered in gold on white which Noel does beautifully, and the places cards could be in gold too.

Then again, you could have place cards to embellish these from Bernard Meisner

The number of designs from Noel is amazing—and she makes up her designs in so many different forms, table linens...

Beautiful towels and bathroom accessories...

And beautiful bed linens such as these pillowshams called Passe Passe, which as you can see come in lots of lovely colours—and never forget all white!

And so many other accouterments for your home and person—even for your yacht and stable.  Ah, c’est la vie doux!  Don’t forget—E-mail Betty and have these for yourself.


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  1. Dear Leta and Betty,

    Oh, these are so beautiful. They remind me of such pleasant memories-my mothers hope chest, the linens from my childhood, and the Leron linens George Clarkson used for his clients- thank you for sharing this information, hope to place an order soon!