Monday, April 14, 2014

Christopher Cope—A Very Talented Young Man 

About two years ago, a young florist came in to show me pictures of flowers and arrangements which he had done.  They were awfully, awfully pretty, and I asked him to do an arrangement for a photo shoot I was doing.  Since that day, I have recommended him over and over, and people always seem to really like him, so I thought I would show you some of his projects.  Always fun!

I guess I already knew about Christopher, because my dear friend, Carol Jankowsky, had already told me about him, but you know how it is.  Someone recommends someone, and you nod and say, yeah, why not? And then forget all about Said Person.  But Christopher followed up, and that’s why we really got together.  Morale of the Story: Follow Up.  Don’t say yeah and then forget about it.

Table setting by Leta Austin Foster
Palm Beach Illustrated Diamond Anniversary Issue

Now. Believe it or not, this picture shows how really talented Christopher actually is, because today, with flowers emphasizing, and rightly so, David Austin roses and lilies and eucalyptus seeds, Christopher was brave enough to do a 1960’s “do” of chrysanthemums and red roses, because the photo shoot’s subject was Jayne Wrightsman and her perfect house in 1960’s and 1970’s Palm Beach, so we were using the Luneville china and the embroidered cloth from Noël of Paris (all of which are still in fashion and thus sold in my boutique) and the flowers  (which are not still in fashion) needed to represent the period too.

Later, we were invited to do a table for the Lenox Hill dinner in New York which was to have a springtime theme.  We chose Springtime in the Serengeti, for which Christopher made a fabulous centerpiece of a giraffe made from leaves and flowers  (the adorable little “leopard skins” were made by Zenon Toczek while the cloth was made by Ven Tran in West Palm Beach out of a perfect Quadrille fabric, "Nairobi” in spring green)

Table setting by Leta Austin Foster
Lenox Hill Dinner in New York

 Every Monday he brings a new arrangement to the boutique—you need to come in on Monday afternoon or on Tuesday, so you can understand how really perfect they are—always original, always beautiful.  And they are usually small, so you can see how much you can do with small vases—even bud vases


Christopher Cope Collection
Images from

You can see how lovely they are—and how different.  These flowers have done him a good turn, too.  He has gotten several customers from them—he already had clientele as varied as Mrs. Rudolph Giuliani and Tiffany’s, and now he is being courted by others.  But he still takes the time to do each bouquet himself and to care about all the details.

Tiffany's 2011
Christopher Cope Event Florals

Christopher Cope Event Florals

That’s Christopher for you!  XOXOXOX  LETA

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