Thursday, May 7, 2015

SALE !!!

It's that time of year again....Sale Time ! We have so many cute children's dresses, pants, tops, shorts etc. at half-off that you simply must take a peek. Call /or email Betty (561) 655-7367, for particulars and she will be happy to email you some snaps of the available items in the size you are looking for.

La Stupenderia's Silk Party Dress

Lined Seersucker Jacket

This year, we have a lot of sizes 6,7,8 and 10, simply (and sadly) because we are phasing out bigger kids' clothes. We can still custom-order any of our beautiful Baroni, Anichini and Patricia Smith styles for your older child, but we just don't get enough off-the-rack sales of these sizes to warrant carrying stock.

Assorted Boy's Pants and Shorts

Children want what their friends are wearing and are swayed by the (do we dare say it?) poor taste of whatever current trend is de rigueur ....spangles, tutus, rhinestones etc. It is up to mother to impart a modicum of taste on little George or Emma before letting him or her fly solo on the roller coaster of fashion trends. I cannot tell you how many mothers ask their 2 and 3 year olds if they would wear a particular outfit before they purchase it.

Pink Seersucker Sailor Outfit by Patricia Smith

We are on a mission to educate mothers to take back their right to dress their children in proper, sensible and beautiful clothes and as they grow older, to educate them in their choices so they may enjoy the finer sartorial things in life (and don't show up to an Opera in a leotard with a feather boa as a skirt/belt....yes, this was an actual outfit seen at Lincoln Center!!)

Pink Damask Dress by La Stupenderia

So take our advise and pick up a few wardrobe basics for your little one while they are on sale, and get them started on their new classic clothing collection.


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