Wednesday, September 23, 2015

LACE BED LINENS - Noël of Paris

The House of Noël, long known as one of the most beautiful names in embroidery,  has been in operation since 1883. Their well renown work can be found in the most exclusive homes and palaces from Buckingham Palace in London to the Élysée in Paris.

Although famed for their over 13,000 embroidery designs, which they can apply to bed linens and table linens, Noël also offers beautiful lace-trimmed options. The four that are in current production are pictured below.

"Plumetis" detail

"Plumetis" on White Cotton Sateen

"Plumetis" Sham on Lilas-colored Sateen

"Velazquez" Lace detail

"Velazquez" Lace Sham on Primrose Sateen

Interior "Velazquez" border

"Byzance" Lace detail

"Byzance" Lace Sham on Porcelaine Sateen

"Chantilly" Lace detail

Yes, you may go ahead and sing a stanza......"Chantilly Lace and a pretty face....."

"Chantilly" Lace on Glacier Sateen

As is true with many of our custom linen companies, you may pick your lace color (White or Ivory) and also which fabulous sateen sheeting color you would like it applied to. This is the hard part because one color is more beautiful than the next !

If you love these laces as much as we, and you have decided to order a set of linens for your bed, please think about adding an exquisite, hand-embroidered Beauvais-stitch monogram. 

Noël has three levels of embroidered monograms...machine, hand-guided machine and hand embroidery. The skill that is involved in the creation of all three types of monograms is of the highest order, but the hand embroidery is unparallelled. It is becoming increasingly harder for embroidery houses to find willing hands to learn this time-honored trade, so your investment in one of these treasures will be a luxury that few will be lucky enough to own.

Beauvais stitching looks like teeny, tiny chain stitches when viewed through a magnifying glass. Ok, yes, we are blind as bats and have to drag out the old magnifier to really study these stitches up close. They are amazing ! 

Noël has so many gorgeous products, that I will be highlighting them by category for you to ogle and coo. No project is too large or too small for them, so if you covet one of their fancies, please don't feel bashful about ordering a hankie or a boudoir to quench your lust.
We do it ourselves !


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