Wednesday, October 28, 2015


One day, a million years ago, I discovered a fabulous line of lavender sachets created by a lovely French woman, Estelle Billot. We continue to purchase her colorful Dupioni silk sachets, her stacked linen sachets and her baby rattles and "Baby Sleeping" pillows for the Boutique every year. This year, however, she has added a few new items that we just could not ignore.

These rosebud-printed cotton shoe sachets are perfect for every shoe in your closet. I am a big fan of treating yourself as well as you would a guest. While anyone would love to receive a few pair of French lavender shoe sachets as a present, can you think of a more deserving recipient than yourself ?

Another new offering from Estelle is a single silk sachet with a delicate flower topper.  So simple and yet so grand. These are the perfect size to add to a Christmas stocking, toss in a lingerie drawer or keep in your car for an everlasting aroma of lavender...... just a whiff is like an instant trip to Provence.
Two item that continue to be very popular for baby presents are the baby's sleeping pillow to hang on the doorknob to baby's room and the moon rattle. On each linen item is printed a sweet French saying....

Estelle Billot's little sachets remain some of the best things to give for those who treasure simple and unique presents inspired by her French heritage.


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