Monday, November 30, 2015


And we hope they all came from The Boutique !! Think of all the wondrous things that might be in Santa Claus's sack, especially for a child.

Bo Bear in corduroy overalls and Toggle Coat $104.
Pajama and Robe Outfits $25.

Every day, we see the eyes of little ones light up as they peek through our windows and point to a wonderful doll or fanciful stuffed animal that sits on our shelves. Later that day, we frequently see their Mommy or Daddy sneak back into our shop to help Santa with his job and pick up the coveted toy.

Madame Alexander Princess $80.  Pajama Game $45.  Musical Bunny $56.
Mini Ballerina Bunnies $70.  Carriage $80.  Piggy $17.

We are honorary elves for Christmas and as such, we have tried to collect toys that cover a range of ages.....babies, toddlers and older children.

Mermaid & Pirate Rattles $18.50  Bunny in overalls $48.

Tops $24.

Kit for an aspiring botanist $74.

...and what is inside.

We have toys for active children....

Pull-along doggie $49.

Jump Ropes $20.

....and for those that prefer sedentary activities.

Pick-up Sticks $7. (remember these ?)

Music Boxes $9.

We have lots of bears (because we love them too) for those children that love to cuddle.

Daddy Bear $80.  Mummy Bear $80.

Mice and bunnies are tucked in to every corner and somehow (we think they come alive at night) they wind up in different poses all the time !

Brother mouse $22. Sister mouse in box bed $28.

Mini Bunny in Tutu and Fur Coat $70.

Ballerina bunnies $70.   Piggy $17.  Carriage $80. Medium dressed bunnies $78.

Baby mouse with pacifier in box bed $24.

Instill a love of books at an early age by picking up one of the storybooks that have an accompanying stuffed animal. The books are full of tactile pictures that children love.

Puppy $21.  Piggy $17.  Elephant $18.  Pony $21.  Books $12.50

We have found some adorable stuffed animals for that little "tough" guy in your life. No girly-looking French Poodle dolls for little Jack, although we do have them for his sister Katie.

Patches Puppy $62.

Whatever the age of your little ones, we will help you pick out some toys that are guaranteed to bring a smile to their faces on Christmas morning......even if they did not emerge from Santa's sack.  Shhhhhhh....don't tell !


To purchase any of these items, E-mail or call 561.655.7367.

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