Sunday, January 17, 2016


Love comes early to Via Mizner.  Now is the time to start thinking about how well you will treat your Valentine (or Valentines) and we are here to help you decide.
Our inspiration tableau is abloom with and red.... that little enchanting cherub, Cupid, and enough chocolate to sate that craving for at least a day.

Heart Surprise Balls $20.

Surprise Cone $9.

Chocolate Heart Box filled with chocolate Cupids $20.

A wonderful present for your heart of hearts (yourself ??) is a "Pink Coeur" Jacqui Robe and matching Anne Marie Nightgown by D. Porthault. While you are at it, add a pair of Red Velvet Slippers for your cold feet. Yes, we know you have a warm heart !

D. Porthault Jacqui Robe $575. and Anne Marie Gown $495.

Velvet Slipper $70. D.Porthault Bath $345. Hand $145.
Linen Guest Towels $125.

For those of you with warm feet, a must for Valentine's Day would be a pair of Bonanno sandals in pink or red as an homage to the day. Your friends will be jealous of your fashion sense and your knack of finding just the right accessory for every occasion.

Il Prato Notebox $99.  Faber Castell Pen $75.  Batoff Notepad $48.
Bonanno Sandals $125.  Estelle Billot Rose Sachet $18.

If you are headed to a special dinner at a loved one's home, why not shower them with special hostess presents in keeping with the color theme we have going ?

T and Co. Iced Tea Sachets in a Tin $20.

Scottie Frame $48.  La Ch√Ętelaine Chocolates $39.
Palm Cottage Flamingo Notepad $24. Dempsey & Carroll XOXO Gift Tags $31.

No one can resist these D. Porthault travel bags. Pink Coeur is the best seller any time of the year.

D. Porthault Mini Zip $85.  Trio $145.
Large Zip $135.

Wrap your presents in this adorable lips wrapping paper. Pink Eiffel Tower and red cherries would be adorable as well.

Midori Hand-printed Papers $5. a sheet

Tie one of the red-foil wrapped chocolate lips to the package for a special treat !

Red-foil wrapped Chocolate Lips $2.

If you are the hostess of this affair, perhaps you would like to add one of our ever-favorite surprise balls with an XO (my favorite, of course) or a mini 2" one with a gold foil heart or key ?

XOXO Surprise Balls $18.

2" Mini Surprise Balls $7.

Don't forget to pick up your most important Valentine's cards. Send to family and friends....especially those who would not expect a card...and sign it "Guess Who ?".

Assorted cards $6.95 to $12.

Watch a romantic movie, enjoy a nice cup of hibiscus tea and savor your decadent chocolates. Make your Valentine's Day lovely (I couldn't resist).

Guess Who ?


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