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You may have purchased one of Diptyque's wonderful candles at our Boutique and because of their popularity, we have recently expanded the line. 

Standard Candles $62.

Diptyque of Paris, a shop on boulevard Saint-Germain, was brought to life in 1961 by three friends , an Interior Designer, a Painter and a Set Designer. They were already involved in fabric and furniture design for Liberty and Sanderson so it was natural for them to take the next step and open their own boutique.

Outdoor candles (51.3 oz) $290.

At first they sold soft goods, furniture and other assorted interesting and unique items collected from their travels. It became the place to go for special items formerly not found in Paris. One of these unique items was English perfumes, which became so popular that the owners decided to create a range of scents of their own.

Interior Scent $65.

In 1963 they launched a small candle line that would expand to the many popular fragrance choices that they offer today.

Softening Hand Wash $38.

The three proprietors were all in agreement that their line would pay tribute to the smells of nature. Each newly added fragrance would be a flower, a grass, a fruit, the smell of earth, water, smoke......

Revitalizing Shower Gel $38.00

Their idea was to infuse your home with the ever-changing scents of nature according to the season so that your environment  evokes the essence of that time of year. There are fruits and flowers of summer and spring, fall leaves and loamy ground scents and spicy, smoky winter aromas. 

Pomegranate Body Polish $70.

In 1968, Diptyque introduced their first eau de toilette, "L'Eau", which was meant to capture the essence of pomanders. Since then, they have added numerous scents to their personal fragrance line which is created for both men and women.

Floral Water Hand Lotion $42.

Over the years that followed, other body care items were added to the collection. All of them created with natural ingredients and body soothing formulas. Baume Genereux is a hand balm you will keep in your purse because it is that addictive.

Hand Balm $35.

These products were created to work together to give your skin a youthful, energized appearance and most importantly a smooth and luxurious feel. Let's face it, we all need a little help in this area to combat the effects of the elements on our skin. Creme Riche is the perfect antidote with moisturizing rose water for dry, sensitive skin.

Rich Butter for the Body $90.

We have the full collection of skin care products here at the Boutique with samples for you to try. You will fall in love with them all as we did. Lait Frais cream, for example, is infused with Orange Blossom to soften and moisturize your body.

Orange Blossom Cream $60.

Along with the fabulous bath and body line and the ever-popular candle assortment, Diptyque gives us some accessories to help us enjoy their products. 
- A candle stand to keep the heat of the burning candle from marring your furniture. 
- A candle lid to keep the candle's surface free from detritis. 
- A candle snuffer to extinguish the candle's flame.
- A wick trimmer to keep the wick short and eliminate soot from dirtying the candle's surface.
By the way, these all make terrific presents with or without an accompanying candle.

Black candle stand $22.

Black candle lid $22.

A relatively new product for Diptyque is their version of a room diffuser. Instead of reeds to soak up the fragrant liquid, they have a barbell shaped bottle. The liquid slowly drips from one bottle to the other and the essence wafts through a screen between the two.

Diffuser $150.

Skin and hair oils have long been popular in France, and now's your chance to find out why. The Huiles Precieuses is a blend of Iris, Sweet Almond, Argan and Macadamia Oils. Sounds good enought to eat, but please don't ! This oil is meant to soak into your skin and may be used directly or added to your bath water.

Precious Oils $78.

The other oil, Voile Satin, is what they call a dry oil. It can be applied to the skin or the hair to add smoothness, luster and shine.

Satin Oil $60.

Another superb idea that comes form the creative minds of Diptyque is the blending of fragrance. In nature, there is rarely an aroma that is purely one scent, therefore the idea is to combine smells that compliment and enhance each other to create a layered bouquet. The company has prepackaged a few of these recommended combinations such as Baies (berries), Figuier (fig) and Roses. Burning these in unison will create a complex and sophisticated blend.

Set of mini candles $90.

Stop by for a sniff and please, do try our cream and oil samples. This has been a long, hot summer and your skin and your hair will thank you for some pampering.

Fragrantly yours......


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