Thursday, July 4, 2013

Can You Believe It? More China Seas

One of the things I love about China Seas (Quadrille, China Seas, Alan Campbell, Haute Home and Charles Burger) is their wonderful and extremely useable wallpapers.  We recently finished an apartment for a client who wanted a pink room—a really pink room.  I have often said that one gets the biggest bang for their buck with wallpaper, and this room really proves it—with the clients’ own furniture –repainted, recovered, and the addition of white wooden blinds for a more modern feel and a great poster from a wonderful auction source (Palm Beach Modern Auctions) and some Matouk linens, this room really pops—and mostly because of the wallpaper.

Wallpaper can be used when there’s no space for anything else—such as in this bathroom by Julie Massucco Kleiner, shown in Traditional Home—where “Edo” in brown on white give chic to a tiny, unprepossessing area.

Or here, where bright orange “Ziggurat Reverse” does a bang-up job of an even tinier bathroom shown in The World of  Interiors.

But these wallpapers aren’t only good in small spaces—here one of their vibrant prints, “Aqua IV” is used on the walls in John Knott and John Fondas’ own house where it serves to pull together the wonderful crazy-quilt of their fabrics—all China Seas/Quadrille/etc. Since they are the owners of the company, this is a great way to showcase some of their amazing designs. 

Of course, these wallpapers appeal to people besides the owners of the company.  Here “Arbre de Matisse”—one of my favourites—is used with its companion fabrics for an all-over look for the offices of fashion designer Tory Burch and her fashionista crew.  Tres francais, tres chic!

This nifty room was designed by Daniel Romualdez, and it is worth studying to see how he juxtaposed the vivid blue of his paper and fabric with the crisp white of the ceiling, woodwork, blinds and chairs, all positioned on the shiny dark floor.

In the bedroom below, I think the use of the “Balinese Batik” paper in a nice bright but soft aqua kept the bedroom from looking “little old lady” while still having a nice summery feeling.

And I don’t think any design which is actually traditional could look more modern than “Bangalore Paisley” because, probably, of its wonderful different colours.

These are just wonderful, wonderful wallpapers.  As I said in my previous post, we are using these wallpapers in the bedrooms of the Hillsboro Club in South Florida.  They make such a great entrance to a room and they certainly dress up bathrooms.  Here are some of the designs we are using.

I promise that I will come back with pictures at a later date.  In the meanwhile, try using some of these wonderful wallpapers on your next project.



  1. Dear Leta,

    Thanks for reminding me of how fresh and clean these papers are- they add such flair to a room, and allow a way for the decorator to make a statement, as opposed to just paint!

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