Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Marie-Chantal—A Very Nice Girl And A Talented Designer

Quite a few years ago, as I was walking the aisles in the children’s clothing show at the Jacob Javits show, I saw the daughter of friends of mine who shouted out, “Mrs. Foster….I’m over here.” 

Over there was the booth of a brand new children’s clothing line, Marie-Chantal, where the designer was the wife of Prince Pavlos of Greece, nee Marie-Chantal Miller.  We were introduced, and she told me how she was designing clothes, because she hadn’t been able to buy the kind she wanted for her children.  Well, that certainly sounded like me and how I started my store, so I looked through the clothes, was just enchanted by her designs, and placed quite a large first order. 

Marie-Chantal has made it through the years—even the bad ones economically—and grown even better.  In the beginning, her sizing was a bit off and we had to sell people larger sizes than they thought they needed, because the clothing ran small.  But they have gotten more and more professional, hiring a very good,  French, I think, pattern cutter, and getting the sizing correct. Through it all, the designs of Marie-Chantal, herself, shone through, and it has become one of our very good lines and one we continue to sell very well.  Certainly, the line shows her own personal style.

I love these clothes—probably one of my favourite things in the store is the little onesie with angel wings—we sell it and sell it and sell it….

And I love the Liberty baby dresses with bloomers we had last season

And the Liberty dresses for little girls.  I love the tana lawn fabric made by Liberty of London and always try to have both children’s clothes and personal accessories made from it on display here in the boutique.

Big girls too—she made skirts and blouses of Liberty.

As well as lovely things from other fabrics—such as this party dress last Christmas made from tulle and silk.

Which was a sell-out.

She also made wonderful classic boys clothes.

And boys clothes which weren’t so classic.

And great sweaters.

Come in and see (or e-mail what lovely things we have.  There’s tons to see in all sizes.


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  1. Leta, ugh ! So pretty ! I could die! I love baby clothes- we have a bon point here and I saw the baby Fendi and baby Armani...but these MCG clothes take the cake ! How clever of you to carry them in your shop! Wish I had a baby of my own...