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Supposedly, you know you are getting older when you don’t know the celebrities anymore, and maybe that is so, since I certainly don’t understand people like the Kardashians, but neither, apparently, do my young friends, all the way down to my teenage grandchildren, who just say, “Yuck!  We’re not interested.”   But I always thought that there were certain things that just wouldn’t change, at least, not for a downward trend.  But this morning, as I sat out on my terrace and read the morning’s New York Times, I was actually horrified to see the ad for the children’s clothes in Bergdorf Goodman’s ad.  

I love Bergdorf’s.  It has always been my favourite store (besides my own, of course).  I buy my clothes there; I buy my daughters’ Christmas presents there.  If I have nothing else to do when I am in New York (this doesn’t happen often), or if I finish up working early, I wander over to Bergdorf’s just to see what’s what.

But the clothes in this ad—and from some really good brands—are just awful!—the Burberry dress looks as though they didn’t have enough fabric to lay the dress out correctly during the cutting; the Stella McCartney dress is just shapeless and dour; the Dolce & Gabbana might have been designed for the said Kardashians, and what is this new trend that all boys’ clothing is shown with the shirttails out?  I just can’t understand it—Bergdorf’s had the most beautiful children’s department in the world under Mary Lowey back in the early 70’s and 80’s, and even in our own times, they chose Best & Company (such beautiful clothes) from Greenwich, Connecticut, to run their department.  What a departure from those!  Are they trying to say that now the young people of New York have just terrible taste and will buy anything if it has a name brand? That’s certainly what it looks like.

I just got a picture from one of the customers of my boutique with the caption: “I love my shoes”.  Well, who wouldn’t?  Perfect little pink leather ankle straps from Pèpè in Milan, which we carry in the boutique in pink and white and gold for the summer. 

I love little girls in pretty shoes—and in pretty sweaters (that one is an adorable little cardigan from Baroni in Florence) and in pretty dresses such as this lovely pink cotton damask from La Stupenderia in Milan…..

La Stupenderia Damask Dress $300.

This dress is so beautifully cut that it looks like a miniature Balenciaga.

And as for boys, I notice that Prince William’s son does not wear jeans and a scruffy tee when he makes his formal appearances.  

While we all want—and need—casual clothes such as jeans and shorts, there is a time and a place for everything.  I’m sorry—that’s the way it is.  Just as you still need to stand up for people older than yourself, open and hold doors for anyone, and write thank you notes, you also need to dress yourselves and your children appropriately. 

I went to a very pretty wedding on Saturday where everybody looked so nice, except one little boy who walked down the aisle in jeans and a shirt—with the shirttails out yet!--and who looked ridiculous.  Maybe a proper little sailor’s suit is not for you,

sailor boy's outfit
Giacomo Sailor Suit by Anichini $260.

then get a nice set of trousers and a blazer

"Gary" Blazer by Anichini $405., Pants $162.
Otello shirt $120.

Or maybe even a white suit for summer wear.

Armando boy's 
"Andy" suit by Anichini $565.

And children love to look pretty! We sold the dress below, even though it was very expensive, almost completely out in one week.  The little girls helped choose them.

La Stupenderia's striped party dress $475.

As for babies—you only have them little for such a short time—enjoy it. 

Baby Boy's Linen/Honeycomb Cotton Set $225.

Baby Girl's Linen/Honeycomb Cotton Set $200.



P.S. Sorry it was such a rant—I did tell you that I am getting old.

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