Saturday, May 24, 2014

Polka Dots in décor?  Yow!

When my Elizabeth was 10 years old or so, she loved certain comics, Little Lotta (a fat little girl) and Little Dot (a girl who loved polka dots to obsession) were her favourites.  Well, why not?  We all love to eat and everyone should love polka dots or else they’re just strange!!!

Look at the price !! Can you buy anything today--non-edible--for 15 cents?

Well, the things I love don’t look like the comics, but dotty they are.  Such as polka dots embroidered in any colour in the rainbow on the scalloped edges of sheets and pillowcases—or for that matter, on the edges of blanket covers or towels.

Embroidered Linens by Baroni

Or dotted wallpapers and fabrics.  No one was more of a lover of dots that the late great Albert Hadley who was able to take the joy and charm of Sister Parish’s wonderful décor and minimize it without losing any of the same joy and charm.  Look at these three examples of “dotted" rooms....

"Van" wallpaper by Hinson

This is “Van" wallpaper, still available, with much frustration and waiting around, from Hinson.  Hinson is having problems, but REMEMBER, it’s always worth it to wait for something wonderful.  I am using it on the walls of a bedroom here in Palm Beach along with white piqué and red and white seersucker from Holland and Sherry.  It will be adorable when it is finished.

Room by Albert Hadley
The chairs pictured above sport a spotted fabric in a room by Albert Hadley, tres chic and very, very fresh.

"Spatter" wallpaper from Hinson
Bed and Bath by Albert Hadley

And these wall, a spotted wallpaper, used in both the bedroom and the adjoining bath.  The pattern is “Spatter,” also from Hinson.  

Speaking of Sister Parish, her wonderful grand daughters have used her fabrics and come up with fabulous accessories such as desk blotters and pencil cups and pillows and ice buckets, and so on and so on forever, in all kinds of fabrics including dotted ones such as “Chou Chou” shown below.

Chou Chou dots and other assorted Sister Parish Designs fabrics

You can buy Chou Chou in fabric,

Chairs covered in Chou Chou fabric by Sister Parish Design

Or wallpaper, too.

Chou Chou Wallpaper by Sister Parish Designs

Of course, Sister Parish Designs have lots and lots of things – all of which we sell—with many, many designs, and any of them could be in Chou Chou—even the dog bed and leash below

Dog Collar and Leash by Sister Parish Designs


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