Tuesday, February 24, 2015


We are in the midst of our "season" in Palm Beach and everyone (and I mean everyone) is being invited to drinks or dinner or a special luncheon. And, of course, on the other side of the coin, everyone is also hosting their friends, old and new, to wonderful soirees at their own house.

When your guests arrive, you want everything to be just so and one of the best ways to show how welcome they are in your home is to share special touches to make their stay special. Having beautiful guest towels in the loo certainly is one of those niceties. Sometimes, we all revert to paper guest towels (quelle horreur !!), but nothing takes the place of embroidered, monogrammed or simply elegant hemstitched linen towels.

We keep a good assortment of guest towels on hand at the Boutique....newly made and vintage..... reasonably priced to decadently expensive. We try to find, or create for you, special designs that you may not find at any of your friends' houses , unless,  of course, they also shop at our Boutique !

For our sailing enthusiasts....and there are a lot of you....we added a Swiss-filled monogram inside the sails of these appliquéd sailboats.

Our wonderful Parisian company, Lin de Château, supplies us with these beautiful hand-
embroidered initial guest towels.....in their ever popular "Dots" design and in their new "Rope" initial and "1930 Medallion" initial.

I am always on the lookout for great vintage finds and recently I came across some wonderful pieces from the famous Marghab company (more on Marghab in a future post). We have a set of two beautiful appliqué and embroidered birds in a cage and a set of aqua and lemony yellow embroidered fish and coral fingertip-size towels.

Julia B of New York has several colored linen guest towels that you can order with contrast hemstitching and a monogram to match. These are custom orders, so you have to give this a bit of thought ahead of time.

We can always find some great classic designs from Sharyn Blond like these appliquéd swirls and the embroidered corals in both guest and fingertip sizes. You can custom color these as well if you would like colors other than the ones we created for you.

Speaking of creating for you....we also design a lot of our own guest towels that you can also customize with added monograms or by changing the colors of the designs.  Our wonderfully talented embroiderer, Fatima, turned our sketches of a Palm Beach Sandal and a Belgian Shoe into the most adorable guest towels with a "Classic Palm Beach" flair.

These scallop-edged towels were copied from a vintage guest towel of mine (guess that makes me vintage too ???). We stock them without initials, but can add your monogram to make them extra special.

Another of my finds was a vintage red and ecru appliquéd fingertip towel with the embroidered word  "lips" on it. What a perfect addition to any sink counter ! The lipstick will wind up on the red linen instead of smeared on your perfectly laundered WHITE linen towel. 

So the next time you need to spiff up your water closet, please think about a new set of
unique and beautiful guest towels.  By the way, they make GREAT hostess presents as well.


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