Thursday, February 5, 2015


Well, another Valentine's Day is fast approaching. According to Wikipedia, Saint Valentine is a widely recognized third-century Roman saint commemorated on February 14 and associated since the High Middle Ages with a tradition of courtly love.

In modern society, St. Valentine's Day has morphed into another excuse for card companies to sell love-proclaiming cards, jewelers to entice us with their baubles and chocolate companies to overload us with chocolate hearts. Well, I say.....BRING IT ON !!!!! 
I love receiving sentimental missives, 14 caret trinkets and luscious chocolate tidbits.

We try to stock the Boutique with unique cards, way-too delicious candy and lots of
LOVE-ly (sorry, I couldn't resist) Valentine's presents that won't add a smidgen of girth
to the ol' hips.

Who wouldn't like to receive a box of Letterpress note cards with pink or red hearts ? How about a frame or a cosmetic bag in Pink Coeurs by D. Porthault......better yet, hold out for the sheet set and surround yourself in hearts year round !

Pink and red Surprise Balls and, this year, even a Heart- shaped one, are plentiful. Don't forget, they make great favors for your V-Day party.

This year we have adorable little colored tins that hold 6 giant tea bags to brew pitchers of iced herbal tea. Each color holds a different exotic flavor and is named after a street in Palm Beach ! We have all the red, hot pink and pale pink ones on our Holiday table.

Other wonderful suggestions for a present "from the Heart" line our shelves. Pink satin lingerie bags, linen guest towels with lots of pink embroidery, cozy pink slippers, and red Rigaud candles are just a few  ideas we have for you.

 Let us wrap it all up in red and white striped paper with crisp grosgrain ribbon and tie on a pink Sucré purse with chocolate ganache candies......or a solid chocolate heart....or even better, red foil wrapped chocolate lips !!!

Don't let St. Valentine down.....celebrate all the LOVE in your life !


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