Thursday, June 25, 2015


According to the Dictionary, the French word boudoir translates to mean  "sulking place" or "pouting room".  It is a lady's inner sanctum, her girl-cave, if you will.  Most often it is a space of soft colors, soothing fabrics and millions of pillows (which their significant others complain about profusely).  However, for those of us who love pillows, there are pillows of every size and shape to fulfill our pillow addiction.

The Boudoir Pillow is a small, usually 12" x 16" pillow filled with feathers, down or polyester fibers.

It is small enough to prop under that crook in your neck, or elevate your knees every so slightly. You can place it between your knees to alleviate hip pain or just squish it in your arms like a cherished pet.  Of course you will need to clothe your fluffy friend in a beautiful sham so it will compliment all the other linens adorning your bed.

There are so many styles of  Boudoir Sham to choose from that you may need to invest in a couple of different ones. You may want it to match your linens or you may want it to be an accent piece.

Some of the plethora of boudoir shams we carry in the Boutique are printed like these 
by D. Porthault of Paris.

Some shams are embroidered by machine,

and some are hand-embroidered.

They can be appliquéd,

or monogrammed.

Whatever your style, we can find a Boudoir sham (or two) for you in our cabinets which are stuffed with sham-filled baskets or we can help you to design your own unique cover and a sheet set to keep it company, naturalment !!


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