Sunday, December 6, 2015


Fairfield Coffee Table in Fawn Brindle

I recently had this wonderful little company make me several custom side tables for a design job. One thing I loved about this company was their ability to customize. The second, and very important thing I loved about them, is that they make everything right here in the U.S.A.!!

Fairfield Coffee Table with Natural Raffia inset

The case goods are made of the finest hardwoods which have been enrobed in rich, high gloss paints to create sleek modern silhouettes that look at home when combined with many other styles of furniture.

Color options for wooden products

Once you decide on the style table you would like, there are 16 different colors to choose from. Oomph will also customize a color for you if none of their standards will do.

Southport Table in Knockout Orange

Hobe Sound Side Table with Shelf in Parakeet

Tini II Z Table in Fireworks

In addition, if you would like a fabric insert such as the China Sea's "Zig Zag" design above, they will insert one on your tabletop with a clear sealant protectant.  Once again, you can fully customize by sending them your own fabric for this procedure.

Surface options for inset

There are also textured surfaces that can be added to their products. I elected to add several of these surfaces to trays (which I ordered in several colors for my shop). These trays make wonderful catch-alls for candles, drinks and coffee-table books when placed atop an ottoman. They would also make fabulous bars.
I chose their rectangular serving tray, but they make a square one as well.

Edgartown Rectangular Tray in Parakeet

Should you be interested in sconces or hanging lanterns, never fear, they offer several styles of candle-lit or electrified lights. Choose a color and you are set !

Hobe Sound Electrified Lantern

I was delighted to see that Oomph also makes Backgammon tables. This game is still as popular as ever, so why not devote a corner of your library to this delightful pastime. I've decided to order just the backgammon board without the table support for the Boutique since we've had so many requests (I'd rather have the full table, but there is not one more open spot in our already "cozy" store). We are still waiting for delivery as we chose a custom color......very dark (almost black) green. Don't forget, we can order one for you in any color.

Backgammon Table in Peale Green

If you would like to see more styles of tables, chairs, gaming tables and lighting fixtures, please contact our shop for pictures and details. Let us put a little Oomph in your life.



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