Thursday, March 31, 2016


12 Marghab Barmaid Cocktails $ 720.

I have always loved old things. In days gone by, products were made using all the traditional techniques, taking time and care in their construction and using all the best raw materials available. Things were made to be aesthetically pleasing and to last past the time of the original owner. Cars, clothes, jewelry, china, glassware and linens were an investment made to pass down to future generations.

Marghab hand-embroidered Irish linen set $4,200.

Luckily for us, the care afforded these items kept them in pristine condition and lets us continue to enjoy them today.

Jour de Venise Tablecloth and 10 Napkins $2,500.

One particular company we search for is Marghab, Ltd. This company was in business from 1933 to 1984 and was owned and operated by British Emile Marghab and his American born wife Vera Way.

It is told that Vera was such a perfectionist that no improperly placed stitch passed muster......and it shows. These table linens and guest towels are the penultimate in embroidered goods.

Set of 2 Marghab Birdcage Guest Towels $375.

Set of 2 Green or Blue Marghab Fingertips $200.

8 Marghab Appliqued Marganza Placemats and Irish Linen Napkins $3,600.

Our radar is always on the lookout for vintage D. Porthault as well. We have found some fine, unused or lightly used boudoir shams, guest towels, place mats, napkins and even table cloths from the early years of production.

D. Porthault set of 6 cotton Place mats and Napkins $
D. Porthault Strawberry Guest Towels $75.each


D. Porthault Boudoir sham $200.

A couple of years ago, we were very fortunate to come across an Estate Sale, right here in Palm Beach. The family to whom these worldly goods belonged had the finest taste when it came to entertaining and had some of the most beautifully stitched linens we have seen.

Marghab Placemat and Napkin set $2,400.

10 Marghab Bruge Lace Coasters $500.

Set of 6 embroidered napkins with voile insert $285.

Set of 2 Organdy Doilies with Monogram $130.

Set of 3 cross stitch embroidered fingertips $25.
Set of 11 Marghab Linen & Venetian Pillow Lace Napkins $1,000.

Sometimes we come across wonderful china designs or perfect crystal glasses that we know you will love. These, however, are harder to find intact. Usually cups will be missing or a few plates will be chipped, but fortunately we know of a couple of china restorationists that we can put you in touch with. Even chipped glassware can be ground down to repair slight cracks or chips.

Royal Copenhagen Blue Fluted China

Cut crystal fingerbowls $60. ea. and cordials $45. ea.

Thaxton China tea set....there is a sugar bowl as well $750.

Faienceware from Apt

Meissen Plate c. early 19th Century $750. each Set of 3

Our store always has new vintage items, so you have to check often. Apparently we are not the only lovers of fine vintage furnishings because all these "rescued" things sell fast. Check our Instagram account for postings of new items so you can snatch them up before anyone else ! We will continue our search for the best of the best vintage in order to help the past come alive.

Vintage hankies.....prices vary

(Sometimes we cheat and have our superb embroidery house copy a vintage piece that we can't stand to let go. These guest towels were just too precious to not copy.....the sincerest form of flattery !)

Our new version of monogrammed guest towel $138. each


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