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Isis Ceramics is a fabulous ceramic company created by a very talented woman, Deborah Sears. In today's world, the connotation of the name Isis is unfortunate, but this company was named many years ago and it was named after the section of the Thames River that runs through Oxford, England, and ultimately after the goddess, Isis.

Deborah and her team of highly-trained and extremely talented artists, hand paint every piece of ceramicware that will hopefully wind up adorning your graciously set dining table. There is a less expensive version being sold by Isis which has a different, less-formidable weight pottery as its base and it is only sold in 2 colors. It is not hand-painted, but rather mechanically transferred as one must do to produce bulk china. While it is a good fix for the Isis lover with a tight purse, I for one would rather slowly collect those that are created using the original, hand-painted process which produces a different result every time. The way the artist mixes the oxides and ground pigments, the way he or she holds their brush, their interpretation of the pattern all combine to give you a one-of-a-kind work of art.

Palladian Pattern

English Garden Pattern

Horton Hunt Pattern

The Monkey Collection

The Landscape Pattern

Currently, the Isis factory offers 9 different patterns, or themes. These include Palladian, English Garden, Horton Hunt, The Monkey Collection (a favorite in Palm Beach), The Landscape, Exotic Animals (we love this too.......I've told you before, we LOVE animals), Nautical, Tulip and Snowscape.

Exotic Animals Pattern

Nautical Pattern

Tulip Pattern

Snowscape Pattern

Each of the 9 different Isis patterns can be painted in any of 10 colours (notice how British I'm being with my spelling) which include Bright Green, Meadow Green, Raspberry Pink, Sepia, Scarlet Black, Ruby Black, Black, Saffron and Blue.

Bright Green

Meadow Green

Raspberry Pink


Scarlet Black

Ruby Black




The range of products is immense. As a rule, my Boutique carries full stock of Sepia Exotic Animals and the Blue Monkey Collection dinnerware and then bits and pieces of Bright Green, Raspberry Pink and Saffron.  However, we can order you any colour of any pattern in any product that your heart desires whether it be plates for you dinner table, vases for your flower arranging or cups and saucers for tea time.

Start your collection with 1 piece and you will find yourself looking forward to planning the next piece to collect and before long Isis Ceramics will fill your shelves !



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