Sunday, July 24, 2016


Welcome back ! Here are some highlights of our Instagram posts from July.

We were so excited to see Prince George wearing Cienta canvas t-strap sandals. We have carried these in the Boutique for years because of their popularity. We prefer the buckle style (more old-fashioned, which we love). We have to custom-order these from Spain because the only style that is stocked in the U.S. are the velcro-strapped ones. Not such a great idea for little ones unless you like their shoes to go flying on a regular basis.

How cozy does this library look? Doesn't it make you want to nestle yourself on that comfy, down-cushioned sofa with a good book? This is a library Leta did quite a long time ago for a favorite client.

James Garza (painter extraordinaire) is seen here working on a technique called Rag and Drag. One stripe is ragged to produce a sponge texture and the next stripe is dragged to produce a strié effect.

A few weeks ago, Leta and India traveled to the deep, dark continent of TEXAS !! One of Leta's clients has a passion for rehabilitating Rhinos (not the political kind). India is seen here feeding one of these gentle giants. Each Rhino has a few acres to run around and a cool indoor spot to relax.

One of our newest stationery companies has a fabulous and unique line of custom, monogrammed writing papers and notes. They are putting together samples for us to show you this season. We will have new custom books from several of our favorite printing companies that you can peruse and order from.

For more fun pictures, see us on Instagram (LETAAUSTINFOSTER).


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