Tuesday, July 26, 2016


Prince George is the perfect little model in his Cienta T-strap sneakers from Spain. These have been a staple at Leta Austin Foster Boutique for at least 10 years. The company has a velcro-closing version that they stock in the U.S., but we opted to custom order the traditional buckle closure ones because they are so much cuter. There is a snap underneath the adjustable buckle that you can't see which makes them super easy to close, but let's keep it a secret.

We carry light pink, orange, white, red and navy blue in stock. Since we just got our bi-yearly delivery, we have sizes 18-26 in stock in all colors. Please hurry if you want us to mail you a pair or two because they literally fly out the door !  OK, figuratively fly out the door. Price $38.

These adorable little leather sandals from Rachel Riley are made in Rachel's own shoe factory in the Loire Valley. Stock is good, but they can also be ordered should we be out of the size you require. They are only made in baby sizes 16-21. The Gold and Hot Pink I just filled in and we have every size. White is on hand in every size but 17 and I only have an 18 and 20 in the orange. Price $132.

These adorable white leather sandals with navy bows are almost sold out. We have two sizes left for bigger girls, size 29 and 32. Price $150. The pink suede on the left are available in sizes 23,24, 26, 28, 29 and 30. Price $168.  The pink leather with scallop edges are available in sizes 25,29 and 30. Price $172.

Pepe Softy shoes are stocked in pink, white and navy leather. These are our ever-popular summer sandal and all year shoe for Florida. They are the shoes we wore when we were little. Still a great shoe, they provide support for little feet while looking absolutely adorable! Both the pink and the white are in stock in all sizes 18-25. The navy blue we have in 18,19,21,22,25. Price $144.

We are almost out of the green leather flower sandal. All that remains are sizes 32 and 34, so hurry if you want them.  Price $136.

The little leather closed-toe sandals come in white and pink and are priced at $124. The white ones I have in 20, 22, 23 and the pink in all sizes from 17 to 23.

One of my personal favorites, the sky-blue leather T-strap sandal sells for $148. and is on hand in all sizes from 18-23.

Are these candy pink canvas sandals with the daffodil yellow trim not the cutest things you've ever seen. You should see how cute they look on chubby little baby feet. We only have 2 left, a 20 and a 21. Price $89.

This white leather sandal with the glittery star is appropriately called Stella. Stella is available in all sizes from 20 to 26, with the exception of 23. Price $145.

Especially for the boys (although girls love them too) are the navy leather "Dash" ($98.) available in sizes 19,20,22, and the Green "Clipper" ($156.) .......last pair, size 23.

But, of course, we carry the iconic Palm Beach Sandals. All the colors below are stocked in sizes from 8 to 4 (except the all turquoise one, which is a size 4 and the Multi on white one, which is a size 11). Price $80.  In addition, we can order these classic PB sandals in a multitude of colors and, in fact, you can pick out the color combinations yourself from a large wheel of leather samples. So much fun!

Give us a call or e-mail us for your choice of sandals and we will pop them in the post to Nantucket, Watch Hill, Southampton or wherever your summer cottage is located. They will be the perfect punctuation to those adorable summer frocks your little one will be wearing.


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