Monday, September 26, 2016


Beth Scanlon is an artist extraordinare! Her classically trained eye and her adept hands create the most beautiful pieces of cartonnage I’ve ever seen. Cartonnage is a card-board like material which she carefully scores and cuts to shape into waste paper baskets, tissue cubes, boat valets and assorted desk accessories.

These shaped items are then covered with traditional Italian marble, patterned or floral papers in assorted colors and designs.

Even simple items like a pencil or an in/out box are transformed by Beth’s touch to make a refined desk set, at home in any environment, modern or traditional.

The most fabulous and unique pieces are those that she has added a three dimensional diorama to. These are not your run-of-the-mill grade school cut outs, but rather a perfectly sourced and patiently trimmed scene that she has pulled from historical references or….

The Circulating Librarian

more amazingly, from one of her simply marvelous watercolored flowers….


 or architectural wonders.

We started carrying Beth’s line, Scanlon Apparati, about 2 years ago and have had nothing but rave reviews from our clients.

We are so happy with the collection, that we have ordered many new items this year and are impatiently awaiting their arrival.
Some items you can expect to see in the boutique this season are Audubon bird dioramas…..

Découpage Cache pots….

fishing and horse themed letter holders…

and some items that she has not made before, but is creating just for us, such as legal pad holders, stacking trays, desk blotters, matchboxes, picture frames (these will be a big seller) and notepad holders.   I will be sure to post some pictures of these items when they arrive.

In the meantime, check out Beth’s blog at You will be amazed at the infinite talent showcased on lampshades, furniture, water-colored room sketches, botanicals, figures and scenes.  Let your creative juices flow and please let us know if Beth can create something extra special for your room.


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