Thursday, September 29, 2016


Five more yummy pictorials from the Leta Austin Foster Instagram posts....

We reposted this photo of a Porthault Desmoiselle linened bed that was photographed and originally posted by Erik Kvalsvik, the phenomenal photographer that shot the photos for my book , Traditional Interiors and who is now shooting all the photos for a new book showcasing D. Porthault's linens.  We have both King and Queen sets of this in stock in the Boutique if you have a hankering !

Here is India enjoying the great outdoors with one of our beautiful clients......a perk of taking on a design project in Durango, Colorado !

Thought you'd like to see our swimming pool in Maine. This is a serious pool for doing laps or jogging (like I do), but many of our guests just like bobbing about and enjoying the breathtaking scenery.

A reminder for all you turkey lovers......the boutique's supply of chocolate Bissinger's turkeys is dwindling. Not to worry about buying them early because the chocolate will be good through March.  If we don't have as many of them as you need, we can still custom-order them for you to be shipped directly to your home.

Another amazing monogram from Lin de Ch√Ęteau. This 3-dimensional monogram is painstakingly embroidered by hand. First, the white embroidery thread is satin stitched over a roll of cording and then all the green threads are over-embroidered in varying stitches on top of the roll. Any linens with these monograms embroidered on them will instantly become heirloom quality.

Till next week....
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