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Sharyn owns a wonderful little shop just outside of Kansas City that sells the most gorgeous, embroidered and appliquéd linens for the home. These linen cocktail napkins, guest and fingertip towels and bedlinens will make you swoon. Luckily for us, and for you, she lets us order them all through her to stock in our own store.

From 1932 - 1978 the Marghab company, owned and operated by husband and wife team Emile Marghab and Vera Way, paid their talented embroiderers by the stitch to create carefully constructed works of art on linen. All the work was done in Madeira, Portugal and done to perfection so as to meet the stringent standards of Vera.

Marghab linens were sold only in the finest department stores and 3 exclusive salons; George Jensen in New York, David Jones, Ltd. in Australia and Constance Leiter in Kansas City.

When Constance Leiter decided to retire, Sharyn Blond bought her business and to this day continues the Marghab legacy. The linens are still made by hand in France, Italy and mostly Portugal.

There is an extensive library of designs that are still in production with new creations added yearly. You will see certain popular themes done in several different colorways, each with its own charm and surprisingly taking on its own persona.

The edge trims, such as the embroidered square-cut one above, are so unique and charming that they add a whole other level to these prized linens.

I love these guest towels for a pretty Powder Room. The unexpected color combination is a little wild for me, but somehow, it just works :)

Monkeys are an iconic animal in the town of Palm Beach. Addison Mizner, the artichect who is responsible for many of the homes and buildings on the island, had a pet monkey, Johnny Browne, who was often seen riding on Mizner's shoulder. Johnny's image is displayed in the wrought iron gates of Mizner's former home and he is buried in the courtyard near our shop.

These monkey napkins and placemats, if embroidered in green edging on a white ground,  would look perfect with our Palm Tree China.

The Boutique has a lot of clients that collect things with frogs ! Here are some adorable guest towels to add to their collection.

Here are some more guest towels that I think would look fantastic as luncheon napkins. Wouldn't these be adorable in several different colored "Dragonflies" ? I can see them now with our Lunéville Tulip and Rose patterned china set on your patio table for a ladies luncheon.

I adore the brightly colored bees on the black linen. It really makes these guest towels sophisticated enough for an elegant powder room.

Appliquéd fish cocktail napkins really remind me of the 1930's. Such a perfect shade of blue for these ivory swimmers.

There is not one of these sea-themed creations that I do not like. What's not to like? Hinckley boats, nautical knots, maritime signal flags and lobsters (shown above) and ship's wheel and compass (shown below) all remind me of summer fun in Maine. All of these would be perfect for your yacht wherever it might be.

There are always great holiday-themed towels and napkins. Sharyn stocks them in abundance, so if you see something you'd like for Thanksgiving, let me know and I'll order it for you.

Sea life themed items are really big sellers. Not just here in Florida, but everywhere. Many of these will be in our shop in the next few weeks. I can't wait to see them all !

Crab guest towels above would be perfect appliquéd onto oversized napkins for a crab fest! In fact, if you make them lapkins, so much the better.

Such a crisp and bright version of the "Sand Dollar" design. It also looks very pretty in a pale blush linen with white or off-white sand dollars.

Here is "Queen Anne" as a Guest Towel and a Fingertip towel. Later in this post, you will see a beautiful placemat and napkin in this very popular design.

These great coral fingertips are in stock now and the matching guest towels will arrive any day!  Call or email me if you'd like to get them while they are here.

Seahorse looks great in turquoise, but I have seen it in white on Khaki, Coral on White and Marine Blue on White......all are fabulous.

Ditto for the starfish....this is a fingertip, but it can be ordered in a guest towel or cocktail napkins. Yellow starfish on white ground would be adorable.

How sweet are these Japanese umbrella cocktail napkins ? It would be a great touch to add a very teeny-tiny monogram to these. Always a good idea for cocktail napkins that you cherish. This way if it winds up in someone's pocket, they will know who to return it to, once discovered.

Can you think of a more perfect cocktail napkin, then a "Cocktail" napkin? There are several drink designs, one cuter than the next. Order a mixed set or all of one style.

Bamboo is a recurring theme with Sharyn Blond Linens. Looks great as a cocktail, guest towel, fingertips towel, pillow and on bedlinens. Which color would you make it in ?


Birds of a feather... (and in a Bird Cage) are one of the very original designs produced by Marghab. We even have some vintage ones in our shop in a turquoise and yellow combination.  C'est magnifique !

Peacocks are near and dear to my heart as many Floridian neighborhoods have wandering flocks of these magnificent birds. They also roam free in all their feathered splendor at our local zoo.

There are many duck, quail, pheasant and assorted other fowl if you are a huntsman or woman.  I love the jagged edge on these cocktail napkins.

A reminder to me of the series "Sex in the City" and Carrie's extensive shoe wardrobe. She would have loved and worn every one of these styles ! Wouldn't they look perfect in your dressing room or your best friend's powder room ?

I happen to love the simple, clean design and neutral coloring of this "Mistral" placemat and napkin. The charming square shape is made in an English size to allow for the flatware to be on the table itself. However, you can resize these anyway you choose. Make them larger, smaller, or even rectangular.

Vivid orange and yellow linens are only a couple of the rich colors that you can choose from for any of Sharyn's products'

"Queen Anne" is shown here in white linen with an ivory linen border and embroidery in a coral shade. However, my daughter, Sallie, has these is shades of grey. The changing of the colors makes for a more subtle and sophisticated set.

Beautiful floral-inspired design, "Estrada" can be embroidered on any color linen. You may even decide to be bold and have each one of your set in a different color !

"Atlantis" has an unusual border and an inset voile border showing off the wave design that encircles the placemat.  Another perfect style for your coastal home.

We sent Sharyn a guest towel with appliquéd and embroidered sailboats that we had in our shop and she was able to have her workroom translate the design onto a large round tablecloth and matching napkins for one of our favorite customers.

Although all Sharyn's bedlinen designs can be created in linen, they are usually made in the more livable and easier to care for percale. She uses only the finest white or cream, long-staple Egyptian cotton percales as the base for her creations, which ensures that the bedlinens will not wear out before the beloved design does.

The "Sand Dollar" percale sheets and shams above, have been inlaid with a border of green linen. The embroidered accents on the sand dollars themselves have been perfectly color-matched to the linen.

We have samples of the Bamboo pattern above in linen at the Boutique, but the boudoir sham above is another example of a percale sheeting with a flange and and appliquéd design in a terracotta-colored linen. The bamboo is then over-embroidered in a darker thread to accent the design.

Here is a yellow and white "Kensington" sham with a hand-embroidered monogram. I love this color, but keep in mind that if yellow is not your thing, then you can have it made with linen trim in any of 15 other colors.  If that is not enough choice for you, Sharyn can custom order 100 other linen colors!

A dear client asked us to have a monogram created especially for her new home, which was to be named "Hollyhock". Our favorite artist, Zenon Tozak, went to work to create the above monogram which the client had us use on linens, towels and stationery for her home. 

Sharyn then had her hand-embroiderers stitch the design in all white on linen cocktail napkins that have a hand-drawn hemstitched border. So classic and beautiful, no?

Another darling customer needed crib sheets for her new baby. She wanted a theme fitting for her Florida vacation home and Sharyn did not disappoint. Little appliquéd crabs, lobsters and starfish adorn the four corners of the crib sheet for this little princess.

One of Sharyn's most unique hem is on the pattern "Euegenie". This color combo of terracotta linen with a mint green embroidered accent was created for a lovely woman with exquisite taste to match existing fabrics in her master bedroom. A complete bed set in this design is simply stunning.

We are expecting an extensive collection of guest towels, fingertip towels and cocktail napkins to arrive in the Boutique any day now. With a few exceptions, most Guest Towels are 15"x21" and retail for $72., Fingertips are 9" x 14" and $52. each, and Cocktail Napkins are 5"x8" and $40. a piece. We will have lots of choices for you to buy for Christmas presents, hostess presents and to use in your own home for special gatherings.

Hope to see you soon !

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