Sunday, October 23, 2016

October 23

Here we are near the end of October and, with a little bit of crispness in the air, our thoughts are focused on Thanksgiving. We posted these adorably cute cocktail napkins on Instagram recently to rave reviews !!  They are $12. for a pack of 25. Call or email the Boutique for a package (or two).


Our book is nestled on a bed of  Porthault (old and new) and a LAF custom-designed sham, trimmed in a Liberty of London floral. Don't forget to get a signed copy while there are plenty in stock :)

Speaking of D. Porthault, look at all the wonderful colors you can have your bed linens and towels trimmed with!

We have plenty of the neutral, blue and green in stock. If you'd like a set of the coral (or any other color.....maybe brown for Thanksgiving ??) contact me straight away and I'll order for you immediately.

Surprise balls for Turkey Day are in stock now. If fact, we are on our third batch. Call or email for your selection. They come in green, orange and yellow and are $18. each. Let us know if you would like a mix of colors or a particular color combo.

Till next week.....

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