Sunday, October 9, 2016


One of our most beloved companies is Il Prato from Venice. Their tiny store near St. Mark's Square is jam-packed with printed papers and all sorts of items covered in this artistic and oh, so adorable paper.

We are trying to emulate their tightly packed shop and have done a pretty good job with the space we have allotted to display their products. We have a good assortment of accessories in several designs so you can easily outfit a desk or accent a boudoir without having to wait for a custom order.

As much as we try to carry as many patterns as possible, there is always a customer that just must have a design that we did not stock, or a color that we did not order it in.....and that's ok because there is no minimum order from Il Prato and the lead time is rarely more than 3 to 4 weeks !

Some of the architectural designs would be perfect in a library, office or tailored bedroom.

And beautiful floral designs are wonderful in a bedroom, boudoir closet or any space you need a pop of nature. Remember, you can colorize these any way you want.

However, as much as we love our florals and architectural prints, our VERY FAVORITE designs are of animals. These are by far the ones we order most frequently.

There is "Ugo and Bepi", the short and long-haired dachshunds belonging to the shop's owners.

 "Paws".....doggie paws or kitty paws, you decide.

"Asia", the beagle.....also a family member.

Here is "Gatti", mama cat and her kitten, dreaming of fish as they most often do.

tissue box $92., wastebasket $135., pencil cup $54., memo $99.

The majestic "Elefante", a newer pattern, is probably the current #1 best seller.

set of 10 pencils $38.

Il Prato makes pencils to go with all the colors and designs of their desk accessories. They come in bundles of 10 for $38. What a wonderful and unique present , especially when paired with a pencil cup and a memo pad holder.

memo $99.  pencil cup $54.  set of pencils $38.

frames...small $72.  medium $90.  large $124.

Frames come in 3 sizes. Shown above are a small square frame and a medium 4"x6" rectangular one.  Order any pattern in any size and any color !!  It is up to you.

letter holder $115.

A great item to unclutter that desk.  Just neatly gathering your letters into a holder gives the appearance that you are actually going to do something with them. We won't judge.....our lips are sealed.

tissue box cover $92.

The hardest decorative accessories to find are great tissue box covers and waste baskets. Well, look no further. With all Il Prato's patterns to choose from, these two items can be cute and adorable or sophisticated and worldly.

wastebasket  $135.

Christmas is right around the corner, so think about giving these as a present to that special someone (you). Bring in your swatches and we can help you choose a theme and color that will perfectly fit your room.


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