Saturday, April 6, 2013

Sneak Preview: Our Lenox Hill Table

The Lenox Hill Neighborhood House is one of the most well regarded and popular nonprofit organizations in New York City, and their spring gala is definitely one of the most fun.  This event, where decorators take on a tabletop under a specific theme, is one of the City's highly anticipated evenings. Benefiting over 20,000 New Yorkers through various charities, including "Meals on Wheels," education and other programs helping the homeless, the Lenox Hill Spring Gala is an event not to be missed.

Held again at Cipriani 42nd St, this year's gala honored long time board members Caroline and Thompson Dean who were, and deservedly so, lauded for their leadership and support. The media sponsor was Veranda, one of my favorite magazines, and theme was High Society. 

We have, with my daughter Sallie spearheading the whole thing, loved participating in this wonderful event for several years; this time was no different.  As promised here is a sneak peak of our table at Lenox Hill, but first here is Sallie hard at work setting up for the party. Genius at work...

And here is the amazing centerpiece, which is a beautiful floral arrangement in the shape of a peacock. 

And here is the finished table. High Society indeed!

Hope you enjoyed this sneak peak of our table at Lenox Hill. I will be back with some professional pictures and more details on our fabulous table.



  1. Leta and Sallie!

    The purple touches are so gorgeous! And the peacock is pure genius! Love this. I also loved seeing you sitting on your staircase, in the new "House Beautiful"- John Volk is one of my favorite architects! Congrats!