Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy Spring!

Well Easter has come and gone and it is already the height spring here in Palm Beach, a time of the year that I truly, truly love. The mild weather is perfect for an afternoon swim or walk, and all of the beautiful orchids outside my store are blooming. There are friendly faces walking up and down the Via, and so many new and old friends in town for a visit.  In short, spring makes me happy.

But not everyone in America is as lucky as us Palm Beachers, as it is still snowing in many places in this wonderful country of ours.  If you don't believe me here is proof by way of my daughter Lizzie and her family on their "spring" break ski trip...

Just looking at  these pictures makes me want to get up, run and grab a sweater. Brrr. So happy to be in sunny Palm Beach just now.


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  1. Leta,

    Love these pics! That Lizzie is so cute. Still recall the pleasure of meeting her when she lived across from the River House in NYC...what a total charmer!