Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Every summer I search the globe (figuratively and yes, sometimes literally) for new, different and most importantly, special products to add to my boutique. I thought I'd share some of the wonderful things en route to Leta Austin Foster Boutique this summer. They are quickly filling our shelves as we gear up for another fabulous season.

This week I'd like to show you some super new toys that we will be adopting, in the hopes of finding forever homes for them. We will have them arrive early this year for Christmas present-giving, but don't delay because they fly, hop and gallop out of here very quickly !

Hazel Village, based in Brooklyn, makes adorable Organic cotton fleece and jersey woodland friends. Every rabbit, cat, raccoon, toad, owl, mouse and fox comes with an outfit and a name (but of course) such as Lucy Owl, Catalina Mouse and Reginald Fox.

If you order early enough, we can have your child's name or monogram embroidered in a heart on the animals chest.

We will be carrying their Grand Dress-up Box which sports 5 outfits for your child's new best friend.


Another toy company making its debut at the Boutique is the French toy company, Moulin Roty.  Although new to us, they have been busy making children's toys for 40 years.  You will be seeing this sweet travel trunk, which accommodates an extensive wardrobe for Nini Mouse and Sylvain Rabbit, very soon indeed.

Along with these so, so cute stuffed animal friends, Moulin Roty produces great games and stocking stuffer toys such as kaleidoscopes, picture dominos, balsa wood planes, etc..... and we will be sure to fill our cupboards with plenty of these.

Darcy Bear and Bo Rabbit from the British company, Ragtales, are hoping you bring them home to your little one. They do have quite an active lifestyle, so be prepared to accompany them to dance class, gardening or a sleepover.



Along with all these new companies, we will continue to stock Jellycats of London....

the classic dolls of Madame Alexander.....

and wonderful alpaca and mohair German bears and collectible animals by Steiff. We all remember them from our own childhood and they are as sought-after today as they ever were !

Hmmmmm...... all this talk of such adorable playthings has got me thinking of all the kiddies on my own Christmas list that would swoon for one of these aforementioned cuties.......better add them to our order!



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