Monday, September 29, 2014

Halloweeeeeeeeeeeeeen !!   and Turkey Day, too.....

Here we are again, at the cusp of another All Hallow's Eve. We have some spooky things in store for you if you dare to venture out of your air-conditioned home and into the not-so-crisp, cool fall weather.
We have some wonderful little companies that create all those special holiday knick-knacks that will make all your little pumpkins (and big pumpkins, too) smile.
You have just got to send Halloween cards to all your friends this year ! What is more fun than receiving a card with a Boo cat or cackling witch?

Have a Halloween party and send your invitations on classic Pumpkin note cards from The Printery (of Oyster Bay,of course). Don't forget to repeat your theme by using their Pumpkin placecards at your table. Both Pumpkin-themed items can be used for Thanksgiving as well. If you invite the same guests, you can even re-use the placecards....we won't tell !!

 Once you've got all the gals and ghouls at your perfectly appointed table, you'll need to wow them with a special treat. What could be cuter than a large, delicious favor cookie from Eleni's. We are happy to order as many cats, pumpkins or witches as you need (and a few extra for those late night munchies).

If you really don't want that sugar overload, we always have Surprise Balls for every
occasion. They are also a great "treat" for your tricksters......and without any calories.
For Halloween we will be importing from the great state of Oregon, fabulous Jack-O-Lantern Surprise Balls from Tops Malibu. Again, if you are hosting a soiree, let us know how many you need and we will make sure that you have enough.

Tops Malibu will be sending us Thanksgiving Surprise Balls as well. We'll have the traditional round 4" balls with gilded paper turkeys made in Germany, as well as cute new cracker-shaped surprise balls that stay where you put them (no rolling off the table and across the room as balls are want to do). I'm told that they are not actually "crackers" no POP, but all the same goodies that are in the balls are found inside these as well.

Deluxe Thanksgiving Cracker Surprize Ball - Click Image to Close

We will have proper crackers for Thanksgiving as well, so don't despair if you crave that little bit of excitement before your Turkey dinner sends you into a tryptophan-incuced coma. Our crackers this year look like adorable Pilgrims.....very appropriate for Turkey Day !

And what better cookie to serve with a pilgrim cracker on the table ????? Why yes, an adorable sugar-iced Turkey......yum !

So don't Betty or Patti (561.655.7367) with your Halloween or Thanksgiving order today, or email if it is easier (, before all the turkeys have flown the coop !!


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