Monday, February 22, 2016


Another Easter fast approaches (it's actually in March this year), but never fear, we are all set to help you fill those Easter baskets.

By now you know that we LOVE Surprise Balls for every occasion. Easter is certainly no exception!  Our large deluxe crepe-paper wound balls are decked in pastels and are adorned with a gold German bunny silhouette.

 Surprise cones (which hold a smaller surprise ball) are a favorite when they are disguised as a carrot. 

 ....and as adorable scallop-collared decorated favors. Surprise balls in every shape and size are already hopping out of the shop, so you had better call early before they disappear.

We have the cutest little bunnies ever that look almost real.....ok, they look completely real ! No matter how many bunnies we order for Easter, it is never enough. We had hoped they would multiply, but it is just not happening.

Trudi, one of Italy's finest stuffed toy makers, sent us these adorable lambs. They come in two sizes of fluffiness and if you look closely, you will see they have a belly button.....awwwww.


Easter mini crackers would look perfect at each guest's place at the table. Inside the poppers is a joke, a hat and a bracelet.

One of our favorite new toy companies from England, Jellycat (the owner let his daughter name the company) makes these very soft and cuddly bunnies in three sizes. Although most of these sweet buns are purchased for children, many adults buy them for themselves. Who could resist those faces ?

We also have a large display of jelly bean-colored Jellycat mini bunnies. They are the perfect size to pop in an Easter basket.

Before you leave the shop, see how many bunnies, chicks and lambs you can find tucked in a shelf or peeking out a window. We have them everywhere, but not for long..... hoppily (sic, I couldn't resist), they are being adopted daily.




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