Monday, February 29, 2016


Snail mail is alive and well at Leta Austin Foster Boutique. Thankfully, our customers embrace traditional etiquette when it comes to sending greetings for special occasions. For this reason, (and because we love all these cards ourselves) we search for unique and adorable paper card companies that will deliver your intended message in an artistic and creative way.

We order from a variety of companies with names like Meri Meri, Rifle, Great Arrow, Smudge Ink, Tokyo Milk, Paper Source, Lucca Paperworks and Hallmark here!

While most of our selections are sweet or nostalgic, we do have a wicked sense of humor especially about growing older as illustrated by the Skull and Crossbones card, which states, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MY FRIEND, you are finally too old to die young". The card with the graphic shark says, " Getting older really bites."

There are lots of non-offensive birthday cards as well in all sorts of themes. These pictured are all animal-themed.....we DO love our animals!

If you are looking for a Wedding card, we have some elegant and ornate ones, some cute ones like this wedding cake and some clever non-traditional ones.

A Get Well card is always appreciated. Such a small gesture will do wonders for your intended recipient's spirits.

Our Sympathy card selections are not full of tear-jerking verses, but rather simple messages delivered on sweetly designed creations.

Anniversary cards should be purchased well before the date, otherwise, there is a good chance that you may forget. The card with the mice, created by a very creative Danish company, is our new favorite. You may not want mice in your pantry, but on a love note, mais oui.

A life saver for those of you that dread writing a long, hand-scribed thank you note, is a Thank You greeting card. A cute picture and to-the-point message leaves a minimum of space for a personal note.

We sell tons of Welcome Baby cards ! These two from Rifle have become our most popular ones.

If it is a very special Baby Announcement card or an Invitation to a Birthday Party card that you are looking for, look no further than these custom-made, hand-stitched felted wool designs accented with your own words and mounted on acid-free Italian paper. These are so loved that customers have framed and hung them or glued them into a scrapbook for a remembrance. Just a note to any of you that do scrapbooking.....Bravo to you for finding the time, the patience and the creativity! While all my photos are crammed into boxes (not archival, I'm afraid), I do plan on getting them into some order and into a photo album someday. Of course, I have been saying that for 30 years, so it may never happen.

However, what I have done is organize my Greeting Cards by occasion so that I will never be caught short. I urge you to collect cards as you find ones that you love or are perfect for certain friends or family and file them away for that special day. We do have many cards in the Boutique that can start you on your way to a fabulous collection.


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