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We personalize a lot of towels, bed linens and clothing items for our Boutique clients. With every order come a lot of questions because there are so many variables. 

Outlined Ringstitch

Most of our monogramming is done stateside by a terrifically talented woman, Fatima Vaz. Her atelier is a true artist's studio and she (and her team of well-trained seamstresses) produce some of the finest monograms and embroideries I've ever seen.

Custom-designed Guest Towels by Palm Cottage 

These embroideries are hand-guided works and are of the highest quality stitchery created using a machine.  Her sewing machines are not your modern-day computerized jobs that robotically stitch a preprogrammed design. Rather, they are old-fashioned behemoths that require the skill and dexterity of an artist to create a masterpiece.

Each time we send an order for monogramming, we must choose a stitch. The type of stitch and its size determine the cost of the monogram. For example, a towel can be embroidered in French Knot, Ringstitch, Swiss Flat or Swiss Filled stitching. In addition, each treatment can be shaded, outlined or two-tone.

Two-tone Swiss Filled Stitch

The French Knot, as the name implies, is a tightly-packed clutch of little knots.
It is the least expensive stitch and lends itself well to the texture of terrycloth.

French Knot Stitch

Ringstitching is a series of chain-like links that take on the shape of an arc as they fill in an area.


Swiss Flat style of embroidery is also referred to as Satin Stitch. It is a smooth and straight stitch that imparts a more elegant feel.

Swiss Flat Stitch

Swiss Filled stitching is a Swiss Flat stitch that has been embroidered over repeatedly, or in some cases, actually has a cording under the stitching which gives a three-dimensional effect to the work.  This is the most expensive type of machine embroidery.

Swiss Filled Fancy Stitch

After the stitch is determined, our customer may choose their colors. We have two thread charts for domestic embroidery. One is DMC which many of you who are needlecrafters will recognize, and the other is a custom thread selection created by our Monogram House.

All of our custom-ordered, embroidered designs on bedlinens and towels are made in Italy, France and Portugal. Those of you that are frequent visitors to our shop know that you can design your own linens and towels and re-color them any way you choose.

Lin de Chateau Placemat & Napkin, set $396.

For embroidery being done overseas, we have different charts for color. Our Italian workrooms use threads from Filgi and Aurifil whose color choices are extensive.

For all you embroidery aficionados, we also offer beautiful (and yes, very costly...but worth it) hand-embroidered linens. These are offered by Lin de Chateau of Paris and Sharyn Blond in Portugal (who ONLY do hand-embroidery) and Nouez-moi and Noel (both of Paris) who offer hand-embroidery as well as machine-stitched designs.

Sharyn Blond Cocktails, set of 6 $312.

Lin de Chateau Napkin $240.

Nothing trumps the variety of hand-embroidered work and the talent and creativity of our thread "wizards" never ceases to amaze us.

Broderie d'Anglais by Lin de Chateau

Roll & Relief work by Lin de Chateau

Our love of embroidered needlework has also led us to scour the marketplace for exceptional vintage linens from D. Porthault and Marghab. Check with us often if you share this addiction and are a collector. We may have just what you've been looking for, and if not, then together we can create your own one-of-a-kind embroidered work of art.

Vintage D. Porthault Guest Towels, $75. each


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