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Photo by Erik Kvalsvik from "Tradional Interiors" by Brian Coleman

Your bed is a very personal thing. It is a reflection of your personality. It is what comforts and welcomes you at the end of a long day. It can be austere and minimalist....

Bagni Volpi Noemi

  fluffy and romantic......

Nöel of Paris

 crisp blue and white.......

Bagni Volpi Noemi

  or a million other variations, all as unique as you are.

Bagni Volpi Noemi

Nouez-moi of Paris

Bagni Volpi Noemi

Most of our beds have pillows with cases or shams (or a couple of each), a bottom sheet which is either fitted or loose, a top sheet , a blanket, perhaps a blanket cover (few of us still use these) and a bedspread, which falls to the floor or a bed coverlet, which falls just below the meeting of the mattress and the boxspring.

Jane Wilner Designs

Jane Wilner Designs

 Some of us like to add a folded quilt or down-filled duvet at the end of the bed for extra added comfort on a crisp night. More often than not, a crisp night in Florida is when your significant other decides the bedroom should be more like an icebox and navigates the thermostat to 65 degrees. Brrrrrr !

Bagni Volpi Noemi

The majority of covers that we sell in the Boutique are coverlets. Most are diamond quilted or bird's eye piqué. Most are white.......I usually recommend white, even if the room is ivory, as it looks cleaner and brighter and very French....mais,oui!  Most are scallop-edged, either bias trimmed or embroidered scallops.

Detail of Bias-trimmed Scallop Coverlet by Baroni

Detail of Embroidered Scalloped Edge Coverlet by Jane Wilner

However, with that said, there are many other options to choose from and there is no reason that you can not make your bed coverlet as personal as the rest of your linens.

Matouk makes coverlets that are large-patterned and made from colored sateen sheeting material.

Matouk is also the only one of our companies that still makes a diamond-quilted coverlet in colors. They are a cotton/poly blend which makes them very affordable. 

Baroni has an ottoman fabric that makes a wonderful coverlet and like their diamond-quilted fabric and their bird's eye piqué fabric, can be finished with a plain hem, straight bias-trimmed hem , scallop bias-trimmed hem or embroidered scallop hem

Bird's Eye Piqué (left), Ottoman (center), Diamond quilt (right)

The bias tape trim comes in dozens of colors and the embroidery thread colors are nearly limitless.

Bagni Volpi has several textures and quilting pattern choices for their coverlets. They offer them all in either white or ivory and one,  "Terrace" in 12 different cotton sateen colors.

Most of our companies use 100% cotton fabrics, which they pre-wash for us so as to limit the amount of future shrinkage. Jane Wilner, however, uses a blend of Cotton/Poly for her coverlets which makes them great for guest rooms and children's rooms and enable them to endure an abundant amount of washing.

Ann Gish has some unique large-scale quilted coverlets which are made in both silk charmeuse and linen. They require a bit more care but they are beautiful.

Linen color choices

We are still able to order plissé blanket covers for those of you that want them. They are also great as a coverlet for warmer climates. That is, if you don't have an icebox bedroom.

Matouk Plissé Blanket Cover

Another option you have with one of the average weight fabrics (i.e. dimond-quilted or bird's eye piqué) is that you can embroider a design on it. Many clients opt for a U-shape embroidery that runs along the top of the bed. It can match their embroidered linens or be a unique design of flowers, lines, words, fruits.......really, any design you might like.

Photo by Erik Kvalsvik from "Traditional Interiors" by Brian Coleman

Monograms are an extremely popular way to embellish a bed coverlet. Choose from a hundred monogram designs or bring us your ideas for a custom one. It can be machine embroidered or hand-embroidered and be as large or small as you want. Use one color or incorporate several colors for your monogram. The sky really is the limit !

Appliquéd monogram using Liberty of London fabric

The next time you nestle yourself into your cozy, sheltering bed, think about how you can refresh your look. Add a new decorative pillow or a new set of sheets, but start with a new Bed Coverlet. It is the most visible adornment for your bed and will spark new life into your room.


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