Tuesday, May 31, 2016


I can't believe that it's the end of May !! Here are your last set of Instagram shots for the month. We are still actively posting snippets of our life here at L.A.F. and will continue to let you in on it. Hope you join us on Instagram for more. If you need help getting started, let us know and we will help : )

Another goodie bag.....this time in spring greens from Scalamandre !

Costanza Paravicini has the most beautiful china designs, all hand-painted and made especially for you. We currently carry her monogrammed china line and have ordered some samples of her faux bois with Palm Tree postcards (see them on the second shelf, all the way to the right) so you can see them up close and personal. Order them as is, or custom color them to fit your mood.

The most adorable espresso cups in Costanza's "Faux Bois" set. These handles also come on her Tea Cups, Coffee Mugs and Bouillon Soup bowls.

One of our favorite D. Porthault designs, Les Trèfles, shows up on all sorts of products: sachets, boudoir shams, lingerie bags, jewelry rounds and cosmetic cases......not to mention bed linens !!

Another new fabric from Scalamandre.....one that goes from head to toe ! Leta knows exactly what to do with this.

Until next week......


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