Wednesday, May 11, 2016


Oooo, la la... are you in for a treat!  Lin de Château, our most beloved Parisian-based embroidery house is the topic of my blog today. The hand embroidered textiles that they have been sharing with us are the culmination of centuries of tradition and craftsmanship.

Their extremely talented (and I must add, patient) staff continue to produce the most extrordinary works of art to adorn our beds and tables.

Lin de Château boasts over 800 embroidery designs and it is my mission to see every single one ! We have a book in our boutique that shows many of the different Monogram styles that you may choose from when placing an order. 

The size of the initials can be adjusted to fit perfectly on a tiny napkin ring, 

on a napkin or guest towel,

on a set of sheets and shams, 

and on a bed coverlet.

The bed coverlet that we have on display in our shop is a favorite of ours. We have ordered it for many clients in embroidery colors to match their boudoirs. There are so many threads to choose from that there is really no reason that we can't match it perfectly to your current linens.

The hand-sewn monograms are made by stitching unique over-embroidery designs on top of a roll of satin stitched, letter-shaped cording. The patterns vary according to the style you choose and also according to the interpretation of the embroiderer.

The current director of the company, Veronique Kibel Marino, kindly schedules trunk shows at our boutique every other year on average. It is a wonderful chance for our clients (and of course for us as well....mais, oui) to see all the newest creations.

Throughout the Boutique, you will see stacks of placemats, napkins, guest towels and cocktail napkins all ready for you to make your own. 

Everything that Lin de Château creates is meant to be used and loved. The bed coverlets with all that delicate stitching are sturdy enough to be washed in a machine. Even though the embroideries are museum quality, they should not be kept as though they are in a must enjoy them !

Monogramming is not limited to home furnishings. Lin de Château offers a wonderful photo album cover that you can have personalized for photographs of your children, your wedding or just your everyday life. You choose the theme, the font and the colors. C'est marveilleux !

We will keep you posted for the next visit from our friend Veronique and all her beautiful creations so you can stop by and see them first hand. There is nothing more exquisite !


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