Wednesday, June 15, 2016


A few years ago, we found this inventive, artsy yet traditional-looking ceramic ware in the heart of Paris. We fell for the scalloped edges, the whimsically-shaped bowls and the white patina finish on all their pieces.

There are so many styles and shapes that I can only put a dent in their offerings here on this blog. We were drawn to the simple, classic styles first and later were lured by the popcorn dotted bowl edges and the daisy and star-shaped plates.

If you are a person, as I am, that has a hard time choosing just one bonbon from a counter filled with overstuffed candy jars, then you are in for a real treat with Astier de Villatte. Since the milk-wash finish is the same on all pieces, you are at totally liberty of choosing pieces from several different collections and they will all work together happily.

There are teeny tiny bowl at one end of the size spectrum and giant service platters at the other. 

The thin, yet very durable ceramics, are almost weightless. They stack well and withstand a very rough handling despite their delicate appearance.

Astier de Villatte crafts their ceramics by hand from black terracotta clay.   They use a special technique which leaves deliberate imperfections on the surface so each piece is unique.  All of their pieces are created in a Bastille workshop that used to house Napolean's silversmith.

Surprisingly, this collection is microwave and dishwasher (I'd use the top rack) safe. It really is meant to be used every day. 

We chose four different collections to stock in the Boutique. The Dinner, Salad and Dessert Plates are from Bac. The bowl on top is a Daisy pattern. The other bowl in the foreground is Creuse. The bowl in the back, on the right, is Marguerite as are the teeny tiny bowls center back.

 Our service bowls are all from the Régence collection.

We are enamoured by this collection as you too will be once you hold it in your hands. Please take a peek the next time you come in to the Boutique. If you would like us to send you a piece on approval, please contact Betty. Once you fall for this line, you will exclaim "mon Dieu !! How did I live so long without owning a piece (or 200)?"


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