Monday, June 6, 2016


Our Summers are spent shopping for the store. We are designing clothing and bed linens, looking for unique China patterns and sourcing and curating a very special blend of hard-to-find ( yet highly sought after ) lamps, desk items, stationery, fragrant soaps and colognes, toys, books and all sorts of other accessories for your home.

Yes, Bug Bags have been a hit !!

This past week, we have been on the lookout for special wrapping papers and the ribbons, tags and bags that go with them.

Bugs, Alligators and Sealife have been Super popular.

Alligators are always big in Florida !

How cute would these be with Puppy Dog ribbon ?

We already have THE cutest collection of wrapping paper I've seen anywhere. We have them separated into color palettes to make it a bit easier to read.

Aquas and Yellows (Love the Birds !)

Black and White....these look super with Hot PInk satin ribbon !

Orange, Pinks and Reds

Brown, yellow, gold and Faux Boix wraps

We have baskets of ribbons, also in color stories, so you have a lot of choices to tie up your prize.

Pinks and Golds

Mints, Whites and Corals

Blues and Silvers

Some of our papers are a solid color or a geometric print, so our French ribbons by-the-yard are just the accoutrements for these wraps !

Ribbons vary from $2. to $5. a yard

"Oranges" French ribbon

"Pea Pods" French ribbon

"Puppy Dogs" French ribbon

"Gator" French ribbon

"Piggies" French ribbon

"Waves", "Veggies" and "Squares" French ribbons

If a whole roll of wrapping paper is more than you want, we also sell single sheets. These lips and floral design sheets by Midori are hand blocked and the designs are printed on recycled, handmade paper. They are true works of art and would be perfect to cover a hatbox or file box that you will have on display.......they are THAT pretty !

 More cute handmade printed papers by Midori. Wait until you see the new ones that we have ordered ! They should be in stock in 2 weeks. I'll post them on Instagram 5 post when they come in.

The most unique wrapping paper we have is one you'll have to order . It takes about 2 weeks to order, but no one will have the same wrapping paper as you. Just choose a design from a library of choices, choose a color to print it in......and, if that weren't may add a monogram if you choose.

Animal Themes

Sport Themes

Florida Themes

Can you think of a more perfect present for the friend who has everything, or the daughter who MUST have her initials on everything ?

Choose a monogram to add.

Choose a color for your print and monogram !

Don't forget, the beautifully wrapped package is almost as important as the present inside. If you're like me , you'll even save a pretty paper and ribbon to reuse on someone else's present and hopefully the recipient will do the same !


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