Monday, June 27, 2016


This month's window display at the Boutique features Astier de Villatte ceramics (a blog about this company was posted earlier this month), Sabre flatware, Biot goblets, and a vintage D. Porthault tablecloth. A Francophile's delight !!

We found a vintage D. Porthault tablecloth that was very loved (it had several small holes) and had Galante Studios (yes, they are back!!) repurpose it for us into jewelry rolls, round jewelry cases and trinket trays. Only in stock for 1 day and sold a set already.......better hurry and get yours ! (3 sets left)

Our fully stocked secretary is a paper addict's delight ! Too many cute items to mention, but you need to come in and see for yourself. Grosvenors, The Printery, Mrs. John L. Strong and Bernard Maisner to name a few.

We who still love to write letters and most assuredly receive so called "snail mail", don't need this list. However, we would like to remind all of you who have let your social letter-writing skills lapse, that there are MANY good reasons to sit down and pen a note to a friend, a family member or even someone you may know just a little. It will make their day !

While in New York, Leta had a wonderful time with her client at Claremont Furnishing. Well, looking at all these goodies.....who wouldn't have fun ? 

Have I lured any of you onto Instagram? I hope so, but if not, look for your weekly tidbits in my weekly Instagram 5 postings.


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