Thursday, December 31, 2015


FORAINS d'ORIENT collection

New this season at Leta Austin Foster Boutique is a wonderful little French company by the name of Au Bain Marie.  We were all mesmerized by their beautiful china and glassware, but they also produce whimsical tin plates, napkins, silver and pewter pieces and all sorts of fun entertainment accessories.

Collection Vieillard le Monde Renversé
One of 6 tin plate designs, The World in Reverse

Pewter shiny polish
Pewter salt & pepper sets and pick set

Paper napkin Nemo collection 40x40 cm
Paper Napkins $8. per pack
Their china pattern, Forains d'Orient ,that we are now stocking in the Boutique, is created by Herend (a company I have loved for years) especially for Au Bain Marie and available in the U.S.A. exclusively through our store. This design was inspired by a cup created by a Viennese porcelain supplier to the Austrian imperial court in the early 19th century. This collection is hand-painted and gilded with 22 carat gold.

FODO 1 serving plate of 28,8cm diameter
Forains d'Orient Serving Platter $706.

The etched glassware we chose to complement this China is made by Moser, the most prestigious producer of crystal and glassware to the Austrian-Hungarian monarchy since 1857. It is the mouth-blown, hand-cut and gilded (in 24 caret gold) ROYAL design which I think you'll agree, pairs perfectly with our new Herend china.

Crystal stemmed glass for the white wine 180ml. ROYAL collection
Moser Water Glass $180.    White Wine $158.

Still to come from this lovely company are colorfully wrapped thermos bottles. When they become available, we will be stocking these as well.

Thermos jug : silver metal, leather sheath, stainless

Au Bain Marie, which incidentally means a warming bath such as a double boiler in culinary terms, also is a spot to pick up a curiosity or an antique.  If you are in Paris, pop on in for a look see.....otherwise come on in to our shop to get a taste of their selections.

See you next year !


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