Sunday, December 13, 2015


Andy Spade & Anthony Sperduti

A wonderful new shop has opened on Sacramento Street in San Francisco. Those of you that are lucky enough to live near by will be in for a treat.

Perusing shops in the Grand Bazaar

Founder and CEO, Christina Bryant, has found a real niche in the world of home decor. Her mission is to bring beautiful, home luxuries and handmade products from around the world to those who appreciate authentic art while preserving traditional crafts of our global community.
A world traveler herself, Christina loves to scour the city markets as well as the rural villages in search of vintage textiles, one-of-a-kind curiosities and artisans that are still practicing their native crafts.


Framed textiles were St. Frank's initial foray into the collection of soft art, but they now offer vintage Kilim rugs from Turkey, Sheepskins from New Zealand and Zebra hides from South Africa.

The interior of the new luxury home-decor boutique St. Frank on Sacramento Street in S.F. Photo: Nathaniel Y. Downes, The Chronicle

The shop itself is set up like a home. Since they focus on entertaining, it was decided to have the bar area in the front of the store. As you wend your way through the different rooms and vignettes, you'll find great home accessories, furniture and knick knacks as well as the famed textile collection.

St. Frank


This charmingly eclectic store is a delight to the senses and an education all in one. Do yourself a favor and include a stop and see on your next trip to San Francisco !



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